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Nuclear Engineer III - CT : Job Profile

Employer: Dominion Energy
Job Title: Nuclear Engineer III - CT
Job Description:

Dominion Energy, Millstone Power Station, is currently seeking individuals to join the Measurement Uncertainty Recapture (MUR) and Generator Upgrade Project. The MUR project will improve the accuracy of instrumentation that will allow the unit to operate at a higher power level (power uprate). In conjunction with a power uprate there will be a Main Generator Upgrade Project. The Generator Upgrade Project will include, but is not limited to, a rotor replacement, stator rewind, exciter replacement, voltage regulator upgrade and other auxiliary improvements. The team will be developing/supporting documentation for design changes, engineering technical evaluations, License Amendment Request, and Final Safety Analysis Report updates.

This is approximately a three-year project. However, once this project is complete it is anticipated that the Engineers will be incorporated in the Engineering Department proper. The team consists of a Project Manager, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineer, Civil/Structural Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Designer, and a Drafter. The individuals on this team will be a part of a self-sustaining, high performing, cross-functional team. This is a high visibility position that impacts the station greatly.

The Electrical/I&C Engineer will be hired at an Engineer II (proficient) or Nuclear Engineer III (senior) level as either the middle or top progression level position in the engineer series. Includes competent to senior technical expert engineers, able to perform difficult and complex work requiring thorough knowledge of the subject matter and significant experience within functional assignment area. Schedules and coordinates major segments of complex projects to meet cost and time objectives. Plans and conducts work requiring judgment in the independent evaluation, selection, adaptation and modification of standard techniques, procedures and criteria. Devises new approaches to problems encountered and develops engineering criteria ensuring compliance with design criteria and standards. At higher levels of proficiency within this classification, incumbents are expected to provide technical expertise and/or team leadership as needed. May be required to apply intensive and diversified knowledge of engineering principles and practices to major projects that have significant impact on programs in varied areas and related fields. May serve as a technical expert on engineering related legal and regulatory issues to outside entities.

Perform other duties as requested or assigned. May conduct field/site visits to gather design data, verify configuration, design concept or plant conditions.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience
Engineer II - 3+ years engineering experience. Nuclear Engineer III 5+ years engineering experience. Must include some I&C engineering experience.

ABET accredited engineering bachelor's degree or higher is required.

Full knowledge of engineering theories and principles. Skilled in use of advanced techniques and modification and extension of theories, precepts and practices of the field and related sciences and disciplines. Strong leadership skills with proven ability to serve as team project lead. Provide guidance to less experienced engineers. Strong oral and written communication skills (includes technical writing). Strong personal computer skills. Ability to think analytically and solve complex problems. Ability to interpret codes, regulations and practices. In depth knowledge of various computer applications, with the ability to manipulate personal computer applications and perform engineering calculations using applicable software programs (e.g. Matlab, Excel, etc.) Equally effective working independently or in team environment. Proven decision making skills. Ability to process information quickly and effectively manage multiple tasks. Strong planning, organizational and project management skills.

Note: A partial year of related work experience of 6 months or greater will be considered one year towards the qualifications.

The company is actively seeking United States military veterans and service members who meet the qualifications.

Education Requirements
Degree or an equivalent combination of education and demonstrated related experience may be accepted in lieu of preferred level of education:
Required Degree (equivalency not accepted in lieu of required degree):
Disciplines: Electrical/I&C preferred
Other disciplines may be substituted for the preferred discipline(s) listed above.
For placement of a candidate in the Engineer job series, the following criteria must be met: Possess a 4-year engineering degree from an ABET accredited engineering program based on the year that the engineering program was accredited by ABET, or Possess a 4-year engineering degree from an institution outside of the U.S. which is accredited through the country's own engineering accrediting body under the Washington Accord as a full signatory, and is a degree that was recognized by the country's accrediting body on or after the date that full signatory status was achieved, or Possess a 4-year engineering degree from a non-ABET accredited program and a post-graduate engineering degree from an institution where the undergraduate degree in the same engineering discipline is ABET accredited based on the year the engineering program was accredited by ABET, or Possess a 4-year degree in Physics, Chemistry or Math and a post-graduate engineering degree from an institution where the undergraduate degree in the same engineering discipline is ABET accredited based on the year the engineering program was accredited by ABET, or Holds or has previously held a valid Professional Engineer license.
Company Description:

Dominion Energy operates in 20 states across the U.S., offering clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy to more than 7 million customers. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, we invest in the communities where we live and work, and strive to protect our natural resources while delivering safe, reliable energy to our customers.