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Licensed Nuclear Operator : Job Profile

Employer: DTE Energy
Job Title: Licensed Nuclear Operator
Job Description:

Job Summary
This position is for a Reactor Operator license candidate who will perform the duties of a Licensed Nuclear Operator (LNO) at the Fermi 2 Power Plant located in Newport, Mi. Those duties include: manipulation of reactor and other controls to effect the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the nuclear station; directing the activities of nuclear operators; and ensuring that periodic tests and inspections are performed in accordance with NRC regulations.
Key Accountabilities
Monitors and interprets plant parameters and manipulates plant equipment by simultaneously regulating reactivity, steam, water, temperatures, flows, pressures, generator loads, voltages, etc.
Operates and provides protection on any plant equipment.
Directs the activities of Nuclear Operators including scheduling work, giving work direction and managing flow.
Initiates repair orders and/or arranges for necessary maintenance to instruments, gauges, and mechanical or electrical equipment. Inspects, tests, accepts or rejects maintenance work.
Responsible for checking all instruments, controls, mechanisms, and systems prior to startup. Personally tours plant to inspect equipment to assure safe, efficient operation. Takes appropriate action to correct unsatisfactory conditions by reporting, tagging, erecting barriers, applying emergency operating procedures, etc.
Exchanges factual information with directors, managers and federal government regulatory agencies, other utilities and vendors/suppliers/contractors.
Responds to alarms and signals and takes corrective action deemed necessary by operating equipment or issues direct operating orders to other plant personnel. As necessary, follows up to ensure proper execution of orders.
Acts as Fire Brigade Leader in directing the fire brigade in firefighting activities.
Education and Experience The candidate's education and experience must be verified and in accordance with Regulatory Qualifications List and ACAD 10001, Guidelines for Initial Training and Qualification of Licensed Operators as described below: High School Diploma or GED 36 months Total Power Plant Experience may include a combination of Nuclear, Fossil, Military Nuclear and Academic Equivalence Credit Academic Equivalence Credit 18 months maximum credit toward 36 month requirement may be given for candidates with Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent in engineering, engineering technology, or related sciences; or a professional engineer license OR 9 months maximum credit toward 36 month requirement may be given for candidates with associate of science degree or equivalent in engineering, engineering technology, or related sciences AND one of the following: 6 months performing plant operational duties as a nonlicensed operator at Fermi 2 PP OR 12 months performing plant operational duties as a nonlicensed operator at a BWR facility OR 6 months performing plan operational duties as an ACTIVE licensed reactor operator at a BWR facility OR 24 months in position equivalent to the reactor operator position at a military reactor such as: o Reactor Operator o Engineering Officer of the Watch / Propulsion Plant Watch Officer o Engineering Watch Supervisor / Propulsion Plant Watch Supervisor Additional Qualifications Must successfully pass POSS Exam and obtain recommended score on other prehire assessments Knowledge of blueprint /drawings/schematics and general plant and power plant operations Must obtain 6 months of Operations experience prior to the start of Licensing Class Must successfully pass the Reactor Operator License Examination and maintain license
Company Description:

DTE Energy is a Fortune 500 company based in Detroit, MI. We are a diversified energy company, involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Our operating units include Detroit Edison, an electric utility serving 2. 2 million customers in Southeastern Michigan, MichCon, a natural gas utility serving 1. 3 million customers in Michigan and other non-utility, energy businesses focused on coal and gas mid-stream services, power and industrial projects, unconventional gas production and energy trading.