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Nuclear Engineer - NM : Job Profile

Employer: BCS, LLC (BCS)
Job Title: Nuclear Engineer - NM
Job Description:

Position Description:

BCS, LLC (BCS) is seeking a nuclear engineer to support and perform activities, including the following:
Apply principles and theories of nuclear engineering and science to projects involving release, control, and utilization of nuclear energy, nuclear waste disposal, environmental cleanup of nuclear facilities and remediation activities.
Conduct research and analyses on issues and problems associated with operation of nuclear-related facilities with regard to radiation transport modeling, statistical analysis, performance metrics, radiation protection
Conduct studies on worker safety, environmental protection, conduct of operations, technical qualifications and training, operations oversight, environmental restoration and quality assurance.
Design, develop, and test nuclear equipment and systems; monitor testing, operations, and maintenance of nuclear reactors.
Support studies on various nuclear technology options or approaches for system, processes facility or program improvements in terms of safety, performance, efficiency or costs.
Support studies on nuclear fuel cycle to define most economical uses of nuclear material and safest means of waste products disposal.
Conducts studies related to the detection and control of radiation and radioactive contaminants.
Perform radiation transport simulations for nuclear criticality, radiation shielding analyses, neutron activation, and radiation-induced material impact assessments.
Assist in ensuring that processes and procedures maintain compliance with disposal facility requirements for multiple waste types, such as transuranic, low level, mixed waste, and hazardous waste.
Support studies on nuclear fuel cycle to define the most economical uses of material and safest means of waste products disposal.
Participates in field inspections, reviews, evaluations and assessments of project tasks, such as design and construction activities.

Qualification Requirements:
B.S. degree in in Nuclear Engineering or a related field (e.g.,physics, chemistry).M.S. degree is a plus.
3-5 years of experience related to the position functions.
Experience in nuclear power plant design standards, radiological principals, environmental requirements and critical safety control applications highly desired.
Broad understanding of principles, concepts and techniques in the field of radioactive waste management, with knowledge of environmental regulations, and examination techniques and procedures.
Knowledge of nuclear engineering principles, theories, and practices for the design and analysis of fission reactor systems, and preferably for research and test reactor systems.
Strong communication, technical writing, editing, and presentation development skills, and attention to detail.
Competence using spreadsheet and database software to compile, analyze, and present data.
Analytical skills sufficient to conduct or assist in independent studies and reviews.
Strong time management and problem-solving skills and the ability to work on multiple projects in a dynamic work environment.
Self-starter, and ability to work both independently and as part of a collaborative team.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Company Description:

BCS is a minority-owned small business with a 30-year history of helping government, research, and private sector clients implement their programs and missions and achieve success. We offer a breadth of professional support services in the areas of business management, communications, systems engineering, analysis, and organization performance. We pride ourselves on being a company that builds strong, long-lasting, and trusted relationships with our clients based on our ability to understand and anticipate their needs; develop tailored, effective solutions to meet those needs; and leverage resources and expertise from across our organization to see them through.