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Details of Alex Soto Betancur

Alex Soto Betancur


Greer, United States

Industry Category: Engineers Career in Civil Engineer or other related opportunity compatible with my education and experience.

Alex Soto Betancur'S Overview


Designed and implemented methods to
evaluate and choose the best proposal 
contractors in the execution of the project of work

Improved and
adapted the programming of the different works, reducing the total time in the
schedule of the works .

procedures and methods to take decisions to achieve 100% of the goals implemented.


Thesis:  Design and Calculus of Bulkheads as Structures
for the Retention of Soils.


LANGUAGES Spanish (native), English (proficiency)

COMPUTER SKILLS             Microsoft Word,
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Out Look Express, 
programming in Basic and Fortran IV. Design
and Calculus of Structures Topography, Staking Lay Out,
AutoCAD 2000, Digitizer Earthwork software, and GPS, Aspen
Kbase 2006

Related keyword: Calculus and design of structures. Engineering estimations (Digitizer Earthwork software and Aspen Kbase 2006). Topography, Staking Lay Out and GPS.