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Details of Eugene Galyaev

Eugene Galyaev

Product Engineer / Physicist

Rockledge, United States
Industry Category: Engineers
Relocation Preferences: willing to move for the 'right' career
Personal Website Link:: http://www.linkedin.com/in/egalyaev/
Career Focus: Research, development, implementation and commissioning of novel radiation detection devices and complete systems. Development of detector data acquisition systems and data analysis algorithms. Research, design, and implementation of device control systems, electronics, and software. Conceptual design, prototyping, and hands-on experimental validation of new detector device technology.

Eugene Galyaev'S Overview

Scientist / Experimental Physics / Radiation Detectors and Sensors

                     SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

* Thirteen years experience in development of radiation detection devices, from concepts to products
* U.S. National Merit scholar
* A versatile specialist who is able to efficiently balance management, hardware, algorithms, and engineering
* Nine years experience working at the largest experimental sites both in U.S. and abroad
* Have worked on some of the most challenging projects in the field (ATLAS at CERN, D at Fermilab)
* Producing intellectual property. Over 170 peer-reviewed publications in the field of expertise
* Self-motivated, optimistic, goal-driven. Excel at inventing, speaking, writing, teaching, and presenting

                       PARTICULAR EXPERTISE

* Solid State / Semiconductor Detector Devices
* Gas / Active media detectors and sensors
* Managing projects (technical/budget/schedule)
* Imaging Detectors and Pattern Recognition
* Data Acquisition Electronics and Software
* Embedded Systems, Detector Control
* Detection, Estimation, Filtering, Tracking
* Complex / Hybrid technology detector systems
* Spectroscopy Mass / Mobility / Raman, Gas Chromatography, Laser-based, X-Ray, other techniques
* Complex Data Analysis Algorithms, Machine Learning
* Software Design, Implementation, Testing, Porting
*  Monte Carlo simulation, radiation transport
* Particle interactions with Matter
* Analysis, testing, measurement, problem solving
* Expert understanding of device physics and operation

                         TECHNICAL SKILLS

* C/C++              * UNIX / LINUX              * GEANT4
* SolidWorks         * Fortran, Pascal           * VAX-VMS
* SIMION             * AutoCAD                   * Python
* Win32/DOS          * SCADA Systems             * Neural Networks
* Matlab/ Simulink   * Embedded Systems          * Microcontrollers
* Signal Processing  * ROOT                      * TCL/TK
* CAN, GPIB          * VME, NIM                  * Penelope Monte Carlo

                        PROFESSIONAL HISTORY

Product Engineer - Sun Nuclear Corporation, Melbourne, FL    July 2011-present

Development of product concepts and critical requirements. Verification of critical requirements. Miscellaneous SM expertise on data algorithm development and implementation, detector hardware, experimental studies. Invent, propose, and investigate new products and product ideas. Carrying out feasibility and concept studies, physics modeling for prospective technologies.

* ArcCHECK, 4-D detector array
* Innovative 3DS water tank
* Industry-leading 3DVH software
* Developed White Box, Patient SW
* GEANT4 Monte Carlo models
* SME on Product Review Panel
* Development of data algorithms
* New detector technology research

Visiting researcher - National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, East Lansing, MI    July 2010-July 2011

Development of a novel, active media tracking detector for nuclear applications (10K channels). Created and commissioned a 1/2 scale prototype device. Successful completion of the experiments with the prototype detector. Successfully completed, published experiments with theprototype detector. Supported approx $1.5M in NSF MRI09-23087 and No.PHY09-69456.

* GEMs, Micromegas sensors
* Data acquisition electronics
* Principal components analysis
* Data acquisition software
* Management and procurement
* NSF, DOE requirements
* Detector components design
* HV/LV power supplies
* Detector control systems

Research Scientist - CERN Laboratory, Geneva, Switzerland    Nov 2006-Jan 2010

R&D, assembly, commissioning, installation, and operation of the ATLAS silicon pixel detector. One of the most complex devices of its kind (80M channels). Subsequent work on the ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker. Validation of the combined device performance with cosmic rays. Operation using high-energy proton collisions.

* Si Pixel Detector assembly
* Detector data optical readout
* Detector control systems
* HV/LV power systems
* Safety / Interlocks
* Control software development
* Embedded software development
* Control electronics development
* Full member of ATLAS international collaboration
* Finite State Machine software
* Production components database
* Optical data communications
* Environmental sub-system commissioning

Research Associate - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL    2001-2006

R&D, prototyping, production, testing and validation, assembly, installation of the Scintillating Fiber Tracker device (80K channels) at the D project at FNAL. Data acquisition front-end electronics commissioning and installation. Taking scientific data, and completing several innovative data analysis projects. Conception, development, implementation of the novel particle jet identification algorithm. Development of the data analysis software. Manipulation with extremely large data sets.

* Military technology conversion (VLPC sensors)
* Bridging w/industry (Rockwell/Boeing)
* Neural Networks, pattern analysis
* Monte Carlo simulation
* Detector on-call expert 24/7
* Data taking shift work 24/7
* Development, prototyping, production of the Fiber Tracker components
* Assembly, testing of the detector
* Installation, tuning electronics
* MLP-based jet tagging algorithm
* Tracking/reconstruction software
* DAQ and detector control
* Triggering, filtering detector data
* Manipulations with large data sets
* Installation of the clear wave guides
* Public outreach/relations
* Training operators
* FE electronics installation
* Graphical User interface

Research Assistant - University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN    1999-2001

Monte Carlo modeling of the Scintillating Fiber Tracker. Design of the detector components. Construction and operation of various automated test stands for detector components. Production of the clear optical wave guides.

* GEANT simulations
* PYTHIA Monte Carlo
* Detector components design
* Production, testing wave guides
* Work with cryogenics
* Detector control systems
* Test stand for optical fiber QA
* Fiber spooling, protection
* Optical connectors design

Research Scientist - Institute for High-Energy Physics, Serpukhov, Russian Federation    1996-1999

Developed algorithms and software for advanced real-time monitoring of the detectors at Tagged Neutrino Facility. Testing, assembly, maintenance of the proportional counters, scintillating hodoscopes, high granularity electromagnetic calorimeter. Conception, design, implementation of the novel calibration method for the EM calorimeter GEPARD.

* GEANT simulations
* PYTHIA Monte Carlo
* Data Acquisition Software
* Electromagnetic calorimetry
* Scintillating fiber readout
* PMT qualification and QA
* Calibration algorithms development
* Statistical / Correlations data analysis


University of Notre Dame du Lac, Notre Dame, IN
PhD, Experimental Particle Physics
- Thesis on fundamental research: analysis of production ratios and quark flavor fractions in proton-antiproton collisions, cross sections of particle jets with very high transverse momenta.

University of Notre Dame du Lac, Notre Dame, IN
M.S., Experimental Physics
- Project on detector control systems.

M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation
M.S., Detector Technology in High-Energy Physics
- Thesis on the innovative calibration method/algorithm for the electromagnetic calorimeter GEPARD (2048 cells): development, implementation, validation.


* Languages: English, Russian (fluent), French (beginner)
* U.S. Permanent Resident
* U.S. Protected Person as defined in 22 C.F.R. 120.15
* Ability to obtain DOE/DOD security clearance (Q/C/S)
* Motivated to work for an  industrial company
* Universally trained
* Willing to relocate for the right opportunity
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