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Details of Manuel F. Gomez

Manuel F. Gomez

FEE Principal Architect

Houston, United States
Industry Category: Design Build Firms- EPC
Bring together architectural design and cost alternatives. Apply Value Engineering analysis to the construction project.

Manuel F. Gomez'S Overview



Ihave the ability to thoroughly review contracts, general conditions,programming, drawings and specifications. This enables me to uncoverinconsistencies and identify undefined issues affecting accuracy ofagreements and will avoid pitfalls or fluctuating project costs. Thisassistance in providing technical knowledge will positively affectthe project outcome.

I amcapable of generate conceptual estimates from preliminary drawingsand continue cost development by using Value Engineering analysis inupcoming design variations. As an architect I know the design processrequirements and my extensive estimating experience will help make areal difference in the quality and total cost of your project.

Beingwell versed in proposals and the bidding process, I know how tomanage design-build or construction contracts using my experience inproject controls, scheduling, estimating, cost control, budgetvariance, deviation corrections, and procurement.

Iknow that quality is what differentiate a work from a work of art.Thriving for quality perhaps doesn't make us always build works ofart, but securely dissociates us from complacency and that is thefirst step to creativity.

Havingon-site construction experience means I am prepared to assessconstructability in your projects from the first sketches, helpprovide a clear definition of work, formulate design/ constructionstrategies, and present alternatives that add value to the project.

Constructiontransition from planning to execution will be well planned in thepre-construction phase as I will assist in providing a smooth runningand easy-to-control construction process.

Manyof my traits will help promote your company's business development.These include my membership in national professional organizations,my good relationship with owners and subcontractors, the ability torecruit talented staff, and the privilege of in-house professionalmentoring.

Related keyword: Pre-construction, Design-Build, Project Manager, Value Engineering, Building Facilities.

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