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Details of Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott


windermere, United States

Industry Category: General Contractors - Managers

Relocation Preferences: SE, NE, TEXAS CHRISTOPHER SCOTT, Manager of $500,000 to $100,000,000, in recent commercial projects.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Christopher Scott, a Florida commerical licensed general contractor. I have worked all over the United States and in the Caribbean. I can bring to the table almost 30 years of experience in every aspect of commercial, roadwork, bridges, large civil, waste water, renewable energy and environmental construction. I have worked in every position in both the field and in the office. By wearing everyone elses hat I can relate to the difficulties and challenges in completing every project on time.

As a manager, I am known to be a problem solver. I will start fires if need be but am an expert at putting out fires. I build relationships and attribute my success to fairness, loyalty and integrity as my stable qualities. I try to solve all issues with a face to face meeting; where problems are discussed and difficult situations turned into relationship building opportunities.

My experience transitions as a subcontractor, contractor, general contractor, construction manager, program manager and the owners authorized agent. I am also certified in FEMA IS 630/631 Public Assistance/IS 3/5/7/8a HazMat/Disaster/Radiology/Nuclear/Earthquake.

Please take a moment to look at my vast experience and then lets discuss your project further. Even in a world where many are competing I feel my expertice and people skills speak for themselves.

Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott'S Overview

Senior Project Manager Project Executive Contract Administrator * Estimator
Procurement * Pre-construction * Commercial Construction FEMA Certified
Food/Retail/Restaurants Construction & Management

P&L management, development, preconstruction, construction and post-construction activities. Results-oriented decisive leader with proven success in new trends and current markets for commercial construction projects. Proven success track record of bring in large and small unusual projects on time and under budget and make fee. Able to provide strategic thinking and problem solving on the run. Tendency to thrive in dynamic and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Worldwide experience.

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