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Details of Arlen McBride

Arlen McBride


Lewisville, United States

Industry Category: Highway - Heavy Contractors

Relocation Preferences: IN, KY, TN, FL, TX, CA, WA, SC Any To obtain a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the employer and myself to create a profitable, win/win situation for us both.

Arlen McBride'S Overview


Seeking a position commensurate with my abilities in the Highway & Heavy Construction or related industry.

Prior Positions:  President, CEO, Vice President, General Suptd., Foreman, Skilled Trades.

Work performed for:  INDOT, INDNR, Indianapolis, IN DPW, INDNR, Indianapolis International Airport Authority IIAA, FEMA, Army Corp. of Engineers, and a variety of public and private entities including cities, (Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnatti, OH; etc.) counties, municipalities and private entities in 37 states.

Disaster work performed for Hurricane Andrew (Miami, FL); Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans); Hurricane Wilma (FL), and a variety of other disasters including snow storms, tornadoes, ice storms, wind damage, etc.

Project dollar value range from the very small of under $5,000 to above $12,000,000 each in Highway & Heavy and much higher in oil/nat gas projects.


Related keyword: Highway, Heavy, construction, president, vice president, vp, director, general manager, general superintendent, bridge, roadwork, piping, concretepubkil news