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Details of Roger Mullins

Roger Mullins

Senior/Chief Estimator

The Woodlands, United States

Industry Category: Specialty Contractors

Relocation Preferences: Seattle,WA

Personal Website Link:: http://rmcpeconsulting.com Video URL Link: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/roger-mullins-cpe/35/1ab/288 My intention is to find a position in the Pacific Northwest that will create a stable, long term opportunity to allow me to express my abilities in order to assist a company to achieve the goals they want in the marketplace.

Roger Mullins'S Overview


I am interested in the need you havefor the position of Senior/Chief Estimator or Preconstruction Manager.  I have almost 20 years of experienceas a Senior/Chief Estimator working in the Commercial Walls and CeilingsIndustry. Most of my experience is in the Puget Sound region and SouthernCalifornia. My skill sets include Metal Framing Systems (Interior andExterior), Drywall Systems (Interior and Exterior), Plasters, EIFS, RainscreenSystems, SFRM Fireproofing, Doors, Frames, and Hardware, and numerous otherrelated trades.  My project sizes have ranged from a few thousand dollarsto over sixty million dollars.  My specialty has been in Design BuildPre-Construction Projects.

I am very computer literate and haverecently left the position of Technical Marketing/Services Manager for OnCenter Software, the makers of Quick Bid and On Screen Takeoff EstimatingSoftware so that I could focus on returning to my career choice in ConstructionManagement.  I am very well versed in both of those software packages aswell as DPC, On Center's Project Management Software.  I am alsoproficient in almost any Windows bases software such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint,  etc. and have experience in other Estimating software such as IKEFireproofing Software, The Edge, MC2, as well as others.

My communication and marketing skillare well developed.  I was responsible for most of the Marketing effortfor the Raymond Group's San Diego operation and to a lesser degree, for theOrange County operation.  I have worked with many Architects and DesignBuild Contractors throughout the Design and Engineering portions of manyprojects.  I have also trained many Estimators on Estimating policies andprocedures as well as the most efficient and proper use of several EstimatingSoftware packages.

I have achieved CPE (CertifiedProfessional Estimator) accreditation from ASPE.  I am also a LEED AP, oneof the few in the Walls and Ceilings Industry.  I also have achieved DRECertification through Underwriter's Laboratories for SFRM Fireproofing Productsand Methods.  I also carry EIFS Professional Certification throughAWCI.  I have numerous other Certifications and Accreditation from variousConstruction Industry Entities.

I am very interested in returning tothe Puget Sound area.  The region is very familiar to me and my wife and a gooddeal of our friends still live close by.  We are very much into the Culture,Music, History, and the Arts in the region. We are also very outdoors orientedpeople and highly desire to live in a Coastal community.  I feel the fitcould be a good one for both of us.

Thank you for your consideration andI look forward to speaking with you about your needs.

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Roger Mullins, CPE


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