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Details of Daniel Flores

Daniel Flores

Form carpenter/foreman

San Antonio , United States

Industry Category: Construction Recruiters

Relocation Preferences: Texas Form carpenter work in the early stages of a conastruction project to build scaffolding and make concrete forms. Read blueprints, tie rebar,pour concrete,and give the necessary finish. Work with a team oriented evironment,to accomplish task prfiently on time,and accident free.

Daniel Flores'S Overview


Use my years in the field as motivational factor to show the next generation how this jobs get started,get done in a safe manner.  Lead the younger workers into a safe work area and the importance of working together as team first .  The importance of staying focus at all times and good communication.

Related keyword: Team players only, Focus,Good Communications,Safety in Mind at all times,Always ask what if. Aware of surroundings. Being dependable. If not sure about something ask.