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Details of International Project Director

International Project Director

Capital Projects Director

Houston, United States

Industry Category: Energy Producers- Developers International Capital Projects representative for US company.

International Project Director'S Overview


I have over 18 years of diverse experience in Oil & Gas as outlined below.

2 years - Humble Oil Refining Company in Baton Rouge (now known as Exxon/Mobil Petroleum Co.) as Project Engineer from May 1969 thru September 1972 (both full time and part-time while in college)
7 year - Mobil Oil Indonesia in Medan as Project Manager of the Arun LNG Project (Field & 23 mile transfer pipeline), and than as Field Engineering Supervisor, and Dallas as Senior Project Manager for Mobil Exploration & Producing Services International from 1976 thru 1983, completing such projects as the Mobil Oil Qui Ibo Offshore Platform in Nigeria, the Mobil Production Platform No. 333 in the US Gulf of Mexico and work on the Mobil Oil Beryl A Platform in the North Sea.
6 years - Project Management Services International as Managing Director of the Projects Group from 1991 thru 1997, responsible for managing all phases of projects, including process design, detail engineering, procurement, installation management and start-up.
1 year - Indonesian Government Technology Group (BPPT) as Project Director for the construction of the Natuna Gas Pipeline Project from 1997-1998
2 years - International Project Management Consultant on a project basis to the following companies (Projects were on a project by project basis and represent only a portion of the year involved)
a) Indonesian State Oil Company, PERTAMINA -2001 & 2002 - 1-yr assignment
b) Ghana National Petroleum Company - 2004 - 9 months assignment
c) PNG Gas Transfer Pipeline - 2000 - 8 months assignment
d) CMC pipeline and Petrochemical plant - 1988-1989 - 6-mo assignment

I have over 10 years of diverse experience in Engineering and Construction

2 years - US State Department in Iraq as Managing Director for the Design, Construction and Accreditation of the US Embassy in Baghdad from 2005-2008
2 years - National Titanium Dioxide Company in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia as Senior Project Manager, responsible for the design, Construction and start-up of the Titanium Dioxide Complex from 1989-1991 (project consisted of five separate individual plants)
6 years - International Finance & Investment Trust as Senior Consultant to the Project Management Group from1983-1989

Total Project Experience 25 years with 3 years work history overlapping in Oil & Gas Engineering & Construction projects.
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