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Details of George W. Salama

George W. Salama

President & CEO

Houston, United States

Industry Category: Energy Producers- Developers

Relocation Preferences: FL, CA

Personal Website Link:: http://powerenergyinternational.com Video URL Link: http:// President, CEO, COO, Executive VP, Senior VP, Managing Director
Renewable Power Development or Fossil Power Development

George W. Salama'S Overview


George W. Salama

Cell: 713.443.7500


19211 Hanston Court, Houston, Texas 77094

Email: ywsalama[at]msn.com

CEO President Senior VP Executive VP GM
Power Generation Industries: Renewable Power Development Power Generation Development

Built company wealth/value by leading teams in private power generation project development and completion.

Achievements Snapshot

Creating Businesses &

Market Penetration

High-Growth Renewable Energy Development

Team & Talent Development / Retention

Positioned companies for multibillion-dollar revenue growth by orchestrating strategy, establishing regional objectives, and securing board and team buy-in.

Managed teams and company efforts in closing 400 MW of wind, solar, and geothermal projects within one year. Grew start-up company to $420M level in solar projects.

 Built reward systems upon premise that each player is a partner whose contributions reverberate company-wide. Inspired achievement and retained talent via greater rewards for those creating the success.

Success Narrative

  High-profile international success in leading start-up and turnaround situations, generating hundreds of millions in new wealth and business where none previously existed (80% of career assignments have been of this nature starting with a clean slate of no existing business). Visionary leader who defines and/or transforms the value proposition, executes change, and guides organizations to successful full-scale operation. Transitioned from conventional energy background to drive renewable energy company growth and project completions within the formidable California, Canada, and Caribbean marketplaces.

Value Drivers

  Excel in identifying and establishing strategic objectives, markets, alliances, and partnerships. Particular strength in overcoming lack of significant corporate / employee support to orchestrate strategic partnerships that drive business success. Offer creative leadership, steering vertical integration initiatives into solar project construction and services arena; acumen in negotiating win-win arrangements with partners.

  Display courage in major decision-making, re-routing the corporate path to align with new direction and objectives, when needed. Anticipate obstacles before they unfold, plan contingencies, and direct teams toward problem resolution. Inspire a sense of urgency, hope and direction, articulating the brighter future to encourage the troops to buy-in to change. Apply an extremely high set of ethical principles in business decision-making and relationship-cultivating.


Performance Overview Western Solargenics Inc. (subsidiary of Western Wind Energy)
2007 to 12/2010 www.WesternWindEnergy.com

Late Entry Solar Business Success in U.S./Canadian Markets New Business Strategy Alliance & Partnership Development Talent & Team Development & Leadership New Market Penetration

President & CEO Houston, Texas

Key Initiative: Launch start-up solar company providing direct accountability for P&L. Identify, negotiate, and establish strategic objectives, markets, and alliances/partners.

Leadership Accomplishment: Despite late entry into Canadian and U.S. solar markets and general consensus that new business potential was nonexistent, persevered in forming alliances and teams within three years that assisted in stacking up ongoing book of solar project business valued at $420M.

  Grew start-up company from zero prospects to $420M in business and 110 MW solar projects within 3 years.
Built framework for launch momentum and sustainable growth by identifying strategic objectives and markets. Developed key partnerships and strategic alliances within first 6 months after identifying those entities offering opportune potential and then negotiated mutually beneficial arrangements with those entities.

Presented and obtained board approvals on strategy, plan, all major operational decisions after delineating a roadmap and requisites for market, budgetary, and team success. Increased direct and indirect personnel from 1 to >45 within following functional business areas: general management, finance, development, engineering, accounting, land acquisition, and legal.

  Ballooned revenue potential from zero to $1.5B despite late entry into Canadian and U.S. markets. Defied naysayers who had declared the solar market was closed for new entrants.

Managed team to mine market potential resulting in the unearthing of 9 solar projects totaling 110 MW. 
Gained competitive advantage by building outstanding relationships with strong partners/transmission company and pinpointing the real estate/support group in various functions, allowing Western Solargenics Inc. to be privy to information ahead of the curve.

  Acquired options at 10% of normal price for 1200 acres of project sites. Deal consisted of negotiating and closing 6 land acquisition options at the minimal cost to allow company to stay within its tight budget. In addition, attained highly favorable prices and conditions while negotiating service contracts with alliances and service providers.  

  Advanced likelihood of company success after introducing profit sharing plan that established a reward system with the premise that success filters throughout an organization if the people who created the success are most highly rewarded.

Reason For Leaving: Parent corporation, Western Wind, decided to de-emphasize Solar Development and focus on Wind Development.

Performance Overview Southern California Edison
2006 to 2007

Renewable Power Contract Origination Manager Los Angeles, California

Key Initiative: Realize renewable portfolio goal. Lead negotiations and close utility scale renewable energy supply/purchase contracts totaling over 400 MW of Wind, Solar, and Geothermal projects.
Leadership Accomplishment: Transitioned quickly from role as a developer and seller of conventional energy to gain valuable expertise and market prowess in the formidable California renewable energy market.

  Negotiated and closed over 411 MW of solar, wind, and geothermal power contracts within the first year (6 projects) to drive attainment in reaching renewable portfolio goal despite being a newcomer to renewable energy field.
Enabled Southern California Edison to reach its renewable portfolio goal in medium-sized renewable projects within the first year after successfully managing Southern California Initiative for first Standard Renewable Energy Contracts. 
Led an additional initiative in Biomass to fulfill objectives for California of biomass renewable energy.

  Increased renewable energy portfolio to comply with renewable energy portfolio standards demanded by California regulatory and by end of tenure was negotiating 1400 MW of renewable energy.

Reason For Leaving: Realizing the strength and consistency of renewable energy development, I decided to return to power development for renewables and was re-engaged in renewable power development almost immediately. Received 3 offers for senior management roles for renewable development companies within weeks of leaving SCE.  

Performance Overview Alliant Energy Generation (non-regulated subsidiary, Alliant Energy)
2004 to 2005

Manager Business & Project Development, Industrial Cogeneration Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Key Initiative: Turn around and energize company developing industrial and commercial cogeneration projects.

Leadership Accomplishment: Successfully built strong project portfolio from the ground up and managed engineering, financial, and legal efforts for each project along with direct P&L accountability.

  Built $150M in new project total value by orchestrating 13 projects in various stages of development.

  Propelled 300% increase in project potential during tenure.

Reason For Leaving: At the close of 2004, Alliant Energy holding company changed focus to its utility business in Iowa and Wisconsin and divested or closed most of its non-regulated business.

Performance Overview Power Energy International

 (Financed by Stewart & Stevenson)
2002 to 2005

President & CEO Houston, Texas

Key Initiative: Manage development of cogeneration projects in U.S. and Mexico.

Leadership Accomplishment: Succeeded in founding and establishing a capable company on a very low budget; gained credibility and wide acceptance in the marketplace.

  Successfully established start-up company by unearthing and managing over $30M in cogeneration projects in various stages of development during first year in business.

Gathered teams of excellent talent in power development for cogeneration projects and for mergers and acquisitions.

Effectively managed company during first two years on a minimal budget. Oversaw operating budget, capital projects budget, and finance. Established a reward system that spurred talent retention and increased team morale.  

Negotiated and established sponsorship alliance with Stewart & Stevenson Power Generation Division.

  Managed acquisition of $220M plant in Texas, a 440 MW industrial cogeneration plant.

Reason For Leaving: Stewart and Stevenson, the main finance support behind PEI, encountered financial problems and funding stopped for PEI. Stewart and Stevenson later divested and/or closed all its businesses.   

Performance Overview Marathon Power (subsidiary of Marathon Oil)
1998 to 2000

Vice President Middle East & Africa Houston, Texas

Key Initiative: Turn around dearth of major viable projects in Africa.

Leadership Accomplishment: Conceptualized and led creative solution resulting in adding $250M to companys project portfolio, by far the most successful development in company history.

  Negotiated exclusivity for $250M power project development (350 MW) in West Africa against fierce competition from major industry players. Project achieved historical status as companys most successful development.

Key to winning project: Nimbly addressed Ghana drought crisis, presenting creative alliance partnership solution.

Negotiated and closed 25-year contract with triple payment security in U.S. dollar equivalent.

Landed significant premium (400% over cost) upon successfully divesting the project.

  Served as Executive Director on the Board of Directors of the project company.

Reason For Leaving: At end of 1999, oil hit a low of $11/barrel and parent corporation, Marathon Oil, decided to refocus on its core oil and gas business and closed Marathon Power Company.

Performance Overview KLT Power (subsidiary of Kansas City Power & Light)
1996 to 1998

Business Development Manager - South Asia, Country Manager - India
Member - Board of Directors
Kansas City, Missouri

Key Initiative: Complete development of 350 MW coal-fired plant in 9 months to stave off project cancellation.

Leadership Accomplishment: Managed acquisition and development of private power projects in India. Directed all project activities, including development, permitting, fuel supply, and formation of new generation companies.

  Led acquisition of power generation project in India and changed technology to coal. Warded off project cancellation by successfully overcoming strict time constraints in changing technology to coal for the 350 MW plant. Completed development of the $350M coal-fired project in just 9 months.

Diligently completed acquisition and managed project company, running multiple project activities using expertise in fossil power. Built excellent relations with all regulatory entities.

  Awarded bid for 440 MW combined cycle plant project (The Bawana Project in New Delhi, India), a major accomplishment for a Midwestern U.S. utility with limited international experience.

  Instrumental in building potential for multibillion-dollar revenue over next 20 years after successfully turning around the operation in just two years.

Reason For Leaving: Kansas City Power & Light, the parent corporation of KLT Power, decided to sell KLT Projects to El Paso. I had a transition bonus and 2-year employment contract offer, but decided to go with Marathon Power who had been pursuing me for a while to join. The move represented a promotion and significant financial advantage over the El Paso offer. 


Early Positions Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Regional Sales Manager, Power Generation Proposal Coordinator, Sales Consultant Power Generation Projects, Regional Sales Manager Transmission & Distribution Orlando, Florida

  Propelled tens of millions of dollars in sales after capturing 40% of local market within 2 years to overcome previous anemic company market share of only 5% in Saudi market (due to extreme competition).

  Championed one of earliest private power developments in U.S. and co-developed and supplied synchronized effort resulting in second most successful private power development in India.

  Won over $200M in projects after optimizing Westinghouse offerings to achieve lowest cost and maximum reliability, which resulted in increased competitiveness.

Reason For Leaving: Westinghouse Power Generation chose to de-emphasize the India market; the action was part of a general reduction of force in 1995.   

Education / Professional Development

Advanced School in Power System Technology / International School of Advanced Power System Engineering / Penn State University / Westinghouse

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering / Helwan University of Technology, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt

  Professional Affiliations / Conferences: Canadian Solar Industry Association (CANSIA) Gulf Coast Power Association Electric Power Conference (Speaker Power and Energy Development, 2004) Gulf Coast Power Association (Speaker Power and Energy Development, 2003) DOE Conference Power Development (Speaker, 2000) Center for Business Intelligence Power Conference (Speaker Power Development, 2000) Center for Business Intelligence Conference on Project Development (Speaker, 1999)

  Languages: Fluent in English and Arabic; some familiarity with German and French

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