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Details of Animesh


Manager Engineering

Pune, United States

Industry Category: Energy Producers- Developers

Relocation Preferences: Yes

Personal Website Link:: http://www.animesh Video URL Link: http:// Manager Engineering - Wind

Animesh'S Overview


An Electronics and Communications Engineering Graduate with 18+ years of experience in System Design & Development, Installation & Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance (OMS).


  Currently working as a Sr. Manager Operation in Global Technical Services Group with M/s Suzlon Energy Ltd. A Market leader in Wind Power Sector in Asia and One of the Top three in world. Responsible for Australia , Brazil, China, India & Nicaragua. Also Product Manager for 1.25MW (S6X) Fleet Turbines.


   Expertise in


#    Industrial Automation System design with AC / DC Drives, PLCs, HMI,DCS and SCADA.

#    Wind Farm Construction from Concept to Operation.

#    Operational Support to SBUs for Operation and Maintenance of Wind Farms , to resolve Major Breakdowns, Retrofit, Availability & Generation Improvement, RCA of Major Breakdowns and  Inventory Management.   


      Major Achievements


            Wind Power Sector :


1.     Constructed & Commissioned a Largest Operating Wind Farm of Karnataka (India) of 165.75MW (129 WTG of Different  models & ratings) as Manager - Project Commissioning.

2.     Constructed and Commissioned total 10 Operating Wind Farm in Karnataka (India) of cumulative capacity of 405.85MW (298 WTG of different model & rating) as Manager - Project Commissioning.

3.     Commissioned Wind Turbines of total 848.65MW at Tamilnadu and Kerala.

4.     Streamlined 24X7 Monitoring Center at Melbourne to Monitor & Operate 6 Wind Farms of Australia and 4 Wind Farms of Brazil. Made Standard Operating Procedure for 24X7 Monitoring Cell.

5.     Provided Technical details and Tools to SBU of China & India to set up Component Repair Center at Site.

6.     Designed & Developed the new logic for Yaw Measurement System (for Wind Sector Management) & Yaw drive Condition monitoring.

7.     Improve Overall Fleet Machine availability (uptime) of S6X (1MW series) from 92% to 98% and maintain above 97% within 8 months without any cost to Wind Farms.

8.     Made Documents for Wind Turbine Commissioning (Commissioning Manual & Check list) for S6X Mark-II and S9X (2.25MW) series Turbines.

9.    Improve MTBF for Australia SBU from 40Hrs. to 120 Hrs.

10.  Made Training Modules (minimum 10 modules each year) for Wind Farm Site Engineers & Technicians and gave Hands On Training (minimum 2000 man hours each year) to Australia, India, China , Brazil and north America SBUs.


            Industrial Automation Sector :


1.     First one in India to Design a system with normal AC Frequency drive of Siemens make for Hoist Application in Industrial Cranes and Commissioned.

2.     Design & Commissioned a Automation system to operate Boiler feeder pump of 5 x 400KW, ID & SA Fans of 4 x 200KW & 4x110KW  with Siemens make AC Drives - for Thermal Power Station.

3.     Design & Commissioned Automation system to operate Rotary Kiln with  2x150KW Siemens make DC Drives - for Cement Industry.

4.     Design & Commissioned Automation system to operate Cane Carrier with 250A Siemens make DC Drives - for Sugar Industry.

5.     Installed & Commissioned 10 color Rotograviour Printing Machine of ROTOMEC & SCHIAVI Make within 75 days & 60 days including required Utilities

6.     Installed & Commissioned Solventless Lamination machine of NORDMECCANICA make within 30 days including required Utilities

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