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Details of Miguel Villarroel

Miguel Villarroel

Electrical Engineer

VENEZUELA +58, United States

Industry Category: Electrical Contractors

Relocation Preferences: Florida, Nevada

Personal Website Link:: http://miguelvillarroel.blogspot.com Looking for jobs that fit with my age, academic level, experience and knowledge

Miguel Villarroel'S Overview

126-13-32 Corinsa UD, Capanaparo St, Cagua city Aragua state, Venezuela 2122
(+58) 416-7418885 (+58) 414-4769904, mavd02[at]gmail.com, mavd02[at]yahoo.com

-Executive with trend toward: transformational leadership, management competencies, strategic planning, balance scorecard, squad job and continuous improvement.
-Experience in making and managing electrical: wiring, power distribution and lighting designs with applying standards; assembly, pre-commissioning, commissioning and maintenance.
-Advanced skills with personal computer and software including Microsoft Office and AutoCAD.
-General knowlegde about: intercoms, central fire protection, phones and computers networks, acoustic sound and video, programmable logic controls, variable frecuency drivers and soft stars.

-Successful CEO of my own business, since 1995, in electrical engineering projects into construction field, scope: commercial, industrial, educational, health and residential estate.
-I have participated in over 300 electrical engineering projects; in engineering assemblies, managing maintenance and project staff.
-Solid experience in medium and large organizations at middle management levels.
-Solid experience in projects supported by advanced software under strict national international standards and dealings with utility companies.
-I have done by myself: wiring diagrams, computations and writing specifications.

-Proyectos Miguel Angel Villarroel (1995-present) location: Venezuela.
Chief Executive Officer
In 1995, i decided to opening career applying my intellectual capital. I found out good market into construction field, so until now ive made an important client base applying ethics and excellent into electrical projects. Then ive been managing budgets vs. money and making strategies, at a time, taking care in giving and excellent final product, the best way for me to win and keep customers. Ive had chance into industry projects beginning from zero until commissioning.

-JEANTEX, S.A.C.A. (1993-1995) location: Venezuela.
Electrical Service Chief
I was hired by this important company into textile industry in Venezuela, they manufacture cloth used to make jeans, certified ISO9000. In addition to all electrical maintenance issues, preventive and corrective, i participated in some assemblies, changing old machines to new ones and installing new production lines with my staff.
mavd02[at]gmail.com, mavd02[at]yahoo.com

-INSUTEC, S.A. (1991-1993) location: Venezuela.
QA/QC Electrical Inspector
I was hired by this affiliated company to INELECTRA, liable of many oil and gas projects in Venezuela. I participated in expansion project of ISLA oil refinery in Curacao, Merichem and H2S areas, together to americans co-workers, because they made a consortium called Brown & Root - Inelectra to face that project. In the same way, i participated in others projects in Venezuela.

-TABLOPAN DE VENEZUELA S.A. (1989-1990) location: Venezuela.
Electrical Maintenance Superintendant
I was hired by this important company that marked milestone into agglomerates industry in Venezuela. They manufactured a board made with sugar cane fibers compressed plus some resins, board normally used to make furniture. Together to germans co-workers i participated in one production line revamping using advanced tech, at that time.

-CATANA (1987-1989) location: Venezuela
Engineering Chief
I was hired by this company affiliated to Philips Morris Inc. where i managed all maintenance specialties. I was head of informatic and security committees either.

-SIDOR (1985-1987) location: Venezuela
Corrective Maintenance Supervisor
I was hired by the most important company into steel industry in Venezuela. Before I was assigned to the steel foundry, i participated in a lot of courses for professional development, after this cycle i worked as head of corrective maintenance staff, changing shift.

-Electrical Engineer IUPFAN (1984), location: Venezuela
-Master Scientiarum in Human Resource Management UNEFA (2010), location: Venezuela
-I attended to 27 courses for professional development.

-Venezuelan Engineers Union #45180
-Codelectra #139 (standards committee in Venezuela for: electricity, electronics and telecommunications)
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