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General Manager : Job Profile

Job Title: General Manager
Job Description:

Position Description:
The General Manager (GM) is a key member of the Dayspring Restoration Management Team. The GM for Great Falls Operations reports to the parent company president, namely, the Dayspring Restoration President, with sub-reporting to the CFO on financial matters. The GM is the Chief Profit Officer in terms of managing the performance, growth, and efficiency of operations in Great Falls. The GM general duties include new business development, sales and marketing, operations and logistics, finance and forecasting, strategic planning, compliance with regulations and safety protocols, human resources (personnel), and quality control for the Great Falls location. The GM is specifically responsible for successful business estimating, production, marketing, and office administration. The successful candidate must demonstrate an ability to work with other people (team members, subcontractors and vendors) to achieve desired results. The ideal GM candidate will possess leadership skills and communications methods that will enable them to work effectively and accountably with other departments (sales, operations, executive management, etc.) to achieve financial expectations. Finally, while all of the above describes the job requirements, Dayspring Restoration is most interested in finding a suitable candidate that possesses the needed behavioral traits identified below.

Behavioral Traits:

Prepared. The GM will be process and systems oriented to identify risk, and prepare for foreseeable situations that could impact the firm; these include preparation for natural disasters and storms, to monitoring the work flow and status of ongoing construction and restoration projects.

Executor and Communicator. Must be analytically minded, and once a decision is made, they will act deliberately and decisively, with a systems approach that mitigates risks and accomplishes the company mission in a profitable manner consistent with the values of the firm. They will broadcast the company mission, vision, and objectives in language appropriate for each audience.

Player/Coach. The GM will be a player/coach, with sufficient been-there-done-that experience to coach team members to higher levels of performance. The GM realizes their job is to teach by example. The GM will work alongside other team members in crisis situations to provide leadership and increase the capacity and ability of the firm to meet demand.

Face of the Firm. The GM will be the face of the firm in Great Falls. The GM will establish a highly positive community profile. The GM must display a professional appearance and demeanor at all times. The GM must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively from the construction site, in the workplace, and the board room; the GM will interact with insurance adjustors, agents, business owners, government officials, property managers, low-income families, and high net worth clients.

Growth oriented, with energy, drive, and commitment to adopt the Presidents goal to double firm size in Great Falls through organic growth and possible strategic acquisitions in 2-4 years.

Creative, Challenging, and Supportive. The GM will be a creative person and suggest thoughtful improvements to the operations and business plans of the firm.

Uncommon sense, possessing good judgment and reasoning skills that make one wise, and an able confidant and advisor to the President.

Uncompromising integrity, demonstrating a life-long dedication to ethical behavior and honesty.

Pro-active Problem Solver. Many business problems risk situations can be avoided through early assessments of business risks, handling them swiftly, sensitively, and decisively to minimize exposure to the firm, aiding customers or employees by avoiding costly dispute resolution. Must track and communicate these situations to Dayspring Restoration in a timely manner to aid the firm with risk exposure.

Life-Long Learner, not a know-it-all, but rather a seeker of new information, realizing that there is always more to be learned, and that constant vigilance to keep up with regulations, compliance, and industry best practices is their norm.


As Chief Profit Officer of the Great Falls business unit, the GMs role is to identify, foresee, and prevent profit fumbles in the execution of the business plan.

The GM is responsible for the participation in and maintenance of a transparent management monitoring system dashboard providing near-real time key metrics of the firm. The GM will provide input on periodic improvements to the company dashboard system to monitor the critical operations of the Great Falls business unit, and ensure that all departments are coordinating together.

The GM is responsible broadly for management of business development, sales and marketing, operations, logistics, finance and forecasting, strategic planning, job costing, legal, licensing and regulatory compliance, human resources (personnel). Specific duties included by name include job estimating, production, marketing, and office administration.

Ensure a high standard of quality controls throughout all operations. Provide employee training, conduct appropriate pre-employment screening, and when necessary, appropriate discipline of Great Falls team members. Must keep Dayspring Restoration Management team apprised of significant events concerning all human resource issues.

Oversee market variability specific to Great Falls and provide oversight on job costing and profitability analysis on restoration projects, service contracts, and other reoccurring revenue streams.

Manage processes for financial forecasting, operating and capital budgets, work in process, accounts receivable, and reporting to the Company.

Ensure that effective internal controls are in place and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulatory laws and rules for compliance in HR, financial, and safety reporting.

Provide support to the President in terms of preparation of business plans, financial reports, operating plans, HR development plans, and ongoing analysis of the Great Falls business unit.

Other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President.

Qualifications and Requirements:

BS degrees in Engineering, Business, Finance, Sales or Marketing Preferred; however, we are more concerned with what you have accomplished since college, than the particular degree obtained. We are more concerned that the GM is literate, has good verbal and communication skills, and is numerate (meaning they have great facility with financial data, reading financial documents, preparing and working with MS Excel and job costing tools), than we are with a particular degree.

5+ years in progressively responsible operational leadership roles;

History of positive experience managing human resources and handling issues of pre-employment screening, hiring, training, firing, employee compensation including incentive compensation.

History of progressively improving and responsible positions as GM, President, COO a plus; history as VP of Business Development, Sales and Marketing, or Construction Management a must. If your experience is with a firm doing less than $1m, please explain how you will adapt to a larger company requirements; similarly, if your experience is with a firm doing greater than $5m, please explain how your experience is germane to DAYSPRING RESTORATIONs Great Falls operations. Our purpose in mentioning this characteristic is that we seek demonstrated experience working in organizations of similar size and complexity as DAYSPRING RESTORATION.

History in construction management, cost estimation, logistics, and disaster recovery a plus.

Demonstrated ability to accept responsibility, be self-governing, be proactive, and responsible for accomplishment of the company mission without need for daily coaching or prompting from the

Experienced in construction, insurance, licensing, safety, and other regulatory requirements.

Additional Requirements:

This position will require periodic travel throughout northern-Montana for business development, operations, and quality assurance purposes. Travel will also be required monthly to participate in DAYSPRING RESTORATION Management Team meetings at company headquarters or other locations.

The position is a key management position and a time demanding position wherein the candidate must demonstrate that they understand the requirements of the position, the time required to complete the required duties, and a willingness to be flexible and work the required time-sensitive projects such as crises management during demand peaks of company services (e.g., the aftermath of violent weather, natural disasters, fire, and accidents) that may be required from time to time.
Company Description:

We are a fire and water restoration and mold remediation contractor serving the entire state of Montana for over 25 years. We are a Montana owned company, with 5 locations across the state, which gives us a tremendous capacity and flexibility to respond to losses of all types and sizes.

We offer remediation services for all of the following:

Water & Flood Damage
Moldy, Rotting Crawl Spaces
Fire Damage
Soot/Smoke Remediation
Environmental Cleanup
... and much more!