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Geotechnical Engineer : Job Profile

Job Title: Geotechnical Engineer
Job Location: Los Angeles , California , United States
Job Description:
This company's geotechnical services include soil and rock mechanics, foundation engineering, dam studies, earthquake and seismic studies, coastal engineering, hydrogeology, pavement evaluation and design, instrumentation, blast and vibration monitoring, construction monitoring, and cost estimating. Our services in geology include engineering geology, hydrogeology, seismology, fault and seismic risk analysis, landslide and geologic hazard evaluation, landslide stabilization, geomorphology, geophysics, and environmental geology. Foundation investigations include evaluation of soil bearing capacity, settlement, soil expansion, pile capacity, pile driveability, embankment and excavation slope stability, preparation site grading specifications, probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard evaluations, and liquefaction potential studies.

Ideal candidates will have a bachelors or masters degree with strong course work in geotechnical or geological engineering. We are especially looking for people with a passion for geotechnical or geological engineering, and strong communication skills. The position will initially entail fieldwork throughout southern California. As you advance, your responsibilities will progressively include geotechnical design, analyses, report preparation, and project management. Since this company is a relatively small company specializing in large, complex projects, you will get exposed to all levels of technically challenging geotechnical engineering.

Required Skills for Geotechnical Engineer Job:

Company Description:

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