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Details of Carey's Heating & Air Conditioning

Name: Carey's Heating & Air Conditioning (Visit Website)

State: Illinois Country: United States
City: Tinley Park

Company Description:
With over 15 years experience in engineering and applications in over 300 indoor firing ranges, we have coordinated with Environmental Engineers, Designers, and the end users themselves to create a ventilation system which is second to none. Carey's Range Ventilation design has been accepted as the standard for all Naval Indoor Firing Ranges. Our installation at the Great Lakes Recruit Training Center has become the model for all future Naval Range Ventilation systems. We offer a complete package of controls, traps, targets, air filtration, and maintenance for new ranges, but can also clean and redesign existing ranges to meet environmental standards, and all of your ballistic needs. Our systems have been installed in military, police, and civilian Firing Ranges across the United States, and have now expanded to sites in Europe and Asia. Our Ventilation Systems are designed to ensure proper airflow across any range. Carey's Ventilation Systems are the best performing and most efficient systems available on the market today. Our design exceeds NIOSH standards, and maintains a 100% success rate in industrial hygiene utilizing:

Ceiling Mounted Unique 180 degree Air Delivery Systems.

A design which makes plenum walls obsolete.

Digital and Analog control systems which adapt to changing environmental conditions to maintain the required air velocities and building pressures.

Upgrade packages for existing Firing Ranges available.

Custom designed systems to meet any type of application.

Until recently, most indoor ranges have operated without the benefits of environmental technologies developed over the years, resulting in serious health concerns from the contaminants of live fire exercises (lead, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide). Without adequate ventilation, these contaminants can pose serious health threats. Utilizing radial diffusers, and our custom ventilation designs, we can manufacture and install the best solution to the ventilation issues facing indoor firing ranges. Specializing in air distribution and control systems, Carey's has been committed to exceeding NIOSH standards for over twelve years, and has established a benchmark of quality and excellence that NO other company can claim. Every system we have built exceeds NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards. Category: Mechanical Contractors

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