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Details of Malouff Consulting, P.C

Name: Malouff Consulting, P.C (Visit Website)

State: Colorado Country: United States
City: Highlands Ranch

Company Description:
TimeSuite is an intuitive, user-friendly, relational system. Unlike the old modular systems where many sub-systems are bolted together, relational systems offer more flexibility and feature capacity. Fitting an extensive feature set into an old modular architecture balloons a system into a massive complex system. The relational architecture can cleanly facilitate a much larger feature set.

TimeSuite is a solid project management, estimating and accounting application that is intuitive and customizable. Customizable transaction entry screens, and customizable grids allow organizations to turn on features and columns they need, and turn off features and columns they do not need. The result is a user friendly application that maximizes efficiency.

Automated percentage of completion method of accounting concepts, and extensive flexible burdening processes facilitate an organizations ability to consistently generate comprehensive monthly financial statements that are supported by a full summary of contracts. This system was initially developed by a CPA firm that specializes with contractors and engineers.

TimeSuite offers ease of use that other relational systems offer (such as QuickBooks), with the controls that are necessary to ensure integrity and a through audit trail.

TimeSuite is the first SQL based application developed for project oriented entities, and currently only one of a few applications to follow normalized relational architecture rules. Beginning in 1994, TimeSuite was initially developed using C++ and now utilizes C Sharp and .Net technology for development. TimeSuite was initially developed under Windows, and was never a DOS application. Category: Construction Technology - Software

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