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Details of PWCampbell Contracting

Name: PWCampbell Contracting (Visit Website)

State: Pennsylvania Country: United States
City: Pittsburgh

Company Description:
PWCampbell provides a comprehensive array of facility servicesno matter where you are in the building process. We have extensive experience in all design/build and ancillary services to meet the facilities needs of the financial services industry.

PWCampbell is well versed in the discipline of market research. We will help you determine the geographic areas that will offer you the greatest potential to attract new depositors while also servicing your existing depositors. Our studies will analyze population, income, number of households, and general demographic trends in the communities you identify as well as a competitive analysis within your market. Finally, we will provide you with a four-year profitability model projecting deposits, revenues and expenses for your new office.

PWCampbell will assist in locating potential available sites and building opportunities in the most feasible markets, and then rate them based on various factors including cost, buildability, accessibility, traffic patterns, drive-up capabilities, lot development and competition. As part of our service, we will assure the buildability of your proposed site by researching general market conditions as well as the areas zoning and planning commission requirements. Our site investigators will visit the site to evaluate such things as soil conditions, drainage, and elevations. Our goal is to place your building on the best site to maximize awareness and extend the branding of your organization. This investigation is most effective if completed prior to taking possession of any property. Minimizing your risk is our goal.

Our objective is to work closely with you to develop plans that reflect a progressive retail environment and achieve the retail goals and objectives of your organization. We will share the latest in branding, merchandising and retail trends in an effort to create an efficient, attractive and friendly atmosphere that sells your products and services and increases awareness of your organization among your depositors and potential depositors. Now is the time to convert older facilities into more updated, attractive environments.

As we design your new facility, or re-design your existing facility, our experts will share the latest in financial services and building technology trends to create an efficient and attractive atmosphere that improves the comfort and productivity of your employees. During the planning process, PWCampbell will evaluate economy, efficiency and accuracy as it relates to your project. We will project space needs up to a ten (ten) year period.

Today, a growing number of financial institutions are recognizing the importance of LEED-certified buildings and harvesting the substantial benefits that green construction strategies can provide. PWCampbell specializes in using green building techniques to construct buildings that minimize energy consumption, support increased productivity, lower overall and long-term operating costs, and reduce maintenance costs. Todays facilities usually cost more to operate day-to-day, allow PWCampbell to evaluate your facilities to save monthly operating costs.

As part of our turnkey process, PWCampbell provides first-hand furniture expertise to our clients. We will assist in the selection process and will provide complete coordination and installation of all items. Allowing PWCampbell to coordinate this process will eliminate the need for additional vendors and costs associated with the selection, purchase, delivery and installation. We have an endless variety of styles and qualities available to meet each clients needs and budget. Coordination of furnishings with design, colors and finishes is a very detailed process and, if done correctly, will be a major contributor to a well-designed building.

Partnering with a firm that specializes in the planning, design, and construction of financial institutions creates economies of scale and reduces the opportunity for costly mistakes. An important part of the success of any facility project is the development of an accurate budget and schedule. During the planning stages of your project, you will get immediate feedback on the cost scenarios for your total building costs. This will allow your project team to review and control costs in the first phase of the project. We will build on time and within budget.

One of the unique features of PWCampbells process is the ability to maintain quality while meeting a predetermined schedule and budget. We will develop a project schedule from site investigation through post construction activities, complete with assigned responsibilities, milestones and timelines.

From start to finish, PWCampbell manages the construction of your new facility, addition or renovation. A Project Manager will coordinate every aspect of your construction project; a Site Superintendent will be at the job site all day, every day throughout the duration of the project. The Site Superintendent will work closely with your management team to insure that all of your specifications are met or exceeded. Should any issue arise, the Project Manager and Site Superintendent will address and resolve it with the least impact on the financial institution. Thats the benefit of hiring a design-build firm: we take charge of the project so you dont have to and we will communicate closely with you throughout the entire process.

The value of maintaining community relations established by your financial institution is important to PWCampbell. We believe that utilizing local contractors is critical to the overall success of your project and shows your ongoing community involvement. Some of these subcontractors may even be customers of the financial institution.

PWCampbell prides itself in knowing the day-to-day operations of the financial services industry. Category: Design Build Firms- EPC

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