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Details of Gecko Hospitality

Name: Gecko Hospitality (Visit Website)

State: California Country: United States
City: San Jose

Company Description:
At Gecko Hospitality, we are passionate that every member of our recruiting team be familiar with our philosophies. In the same way that we learn about people when developing relationships and friendships, we want our people to have a sense of Gecko Hospitalities values and insight into our companys personality.With this insight comes a greater understanding of how values fit with Gecko Hospitalities values, why we do things the way we do and the basis for making decisions appropriate to the values. We all play a part in keeping these traditions and philosophies alive. We want every member of our recruiting team to understand that we are only as good as, how each of us lives these philosophies every day in every office. Gecko Hospitality is all about achieving results by being motivated. The key is that this motivation to achieving results comes from within. No one can motivate us, nor can we motivate anyone else. As leaders, all that we can do is provide an environment where people motivate themselves to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Being a success at Gecko Hospitality requires each recruiter team member to have Management of Yourself, Responsibility for Yourself and Commitment to Yourself. Along with this philosophy, each team member possesses the following traits for which we are proud; honesty, integrity, desire, determination, must be a good listener, learn and respond quickly, communicate affectively, be thorough, empathic, compassionate, and most of all, have a strong work ethic to produce superior results for both our candidates and our clients. Category: Construction Recruiters

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