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What is to be done with a tetchy construction employer?

First of all you have to analyze the results of your work performances. How did you manage so far? Have you always chosen the right way, or you sometimes changed directions? If your work performance had to suffer from external factors, try as much as you can to avoid those factors. If you work in a big and noisy office and you can’t convince your colleagues to talk lower, learn to control yourself ignoring the others. Write in a document every incident that bothered you. Put down only acts, without judging feelings or reactions. Also note down the way your performances have been influenced by every incident. Try to find similarities among reactions so that to find a common point which you can prevent or avoid.

The last thing you can do is to report the way your construction employer’s behavior prevents you from the performances you are capable of. Although theoretically no shareholder doesn’t want a construction manager who prevents performance through his way of managing, in reality it is possible to be looked at as a problem maker or a construction executive who overreacts. This way your days in that construction employer will be counted.