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What do I do when my construction employer Is Always Breathing Down my Neck?

You should feel relaxed enough to talk with your construction employer about how they look over your shoulder a little too much. You should be able to have this conversation without becoming unreasonably upset if they don’t smile once during it.

Frame the conversation in terms of you being a better employee. Start by saying, "I've noticed you've been checking up on me. What can I do to do a better job?" Get them to tell you which tasks are most important to them, then assure them you can handle it. This should establish a sense of trust between you. They’ve told you what needs to be done, and you've affirmed that you're capable of accomplishing it – without them breathing at your back.

Weaning your construction employer off micromanaging won't happen overnight, so give them a couple of weeks. However, they may never be able to stop hovering over you. Some construction employers are insecure. They're afraid someone is going to get them in trouble. In which case, you may need to take a permanent break from them.