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What is best to say to a potential interviewer when you've been terminated?

I am in the process of being construction interviewed for the 3rd time with a very prestigious construction employer. I am thrilled about a forthcoming offer. However, I am to construction interview with the president and I know that he is going to ask me why I have left my prior job. I have carefully avoided this question in the past 2 construction interviews. In my prior employment, I was terminated for the first time in my life. How do I handle this tough question? Answer very simply and honestly. Do not dwell on negatives about the construction employer or your prior construction employer. Give the pertinent facts related to the termination. Remember, if construction employers only hired people who were not terminated- the job market would be non-competitive. Be sure to stress your goals and achievements as well as your skills and knowledge. construction employers like to see construction executives who bounce back from bad situations with no remorse.