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Are there any etiquette tips when using e-mail for job hunting?

Have an e-mail address that is professional. Do not use a personal e-mail address with a silly name.

Ask employers if it's okay to send correspondence via e-mail. Some people prefer regular mail.

Make sure to check your e-mail frequently. A late response could be fatal to your job-hunt.

Respond to all e-mails promptly.

Keep your correspondence brief.

Edit your e-mail carefully before sending it. Many people tend to be far too casual when online. This can create a damaging first impression.

Take care with the subject title of your e-mail.

When job hunting, an e-mail is like any other business correspondence. Use proper business-writing etiquette.

Finally, before clicking on the "send" button, edit your e-mail again -- and run it through spell check one last time!