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Career Networking for the Built Environment
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What is the built environment?

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The "built environment" is commonly referred to as the man-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity ranging in scale from personal shelter to neighborhoods to large-scale power plants and civic surroundings. Professionals in the built environment are often referred to as A/E/C professionals, which includes architecture, engineering, construction, facility management, building products and related occupations.

There are many different job roles and job opportunities within the built environment, including positions like civil engineering vacancies, structural engineering jobs, electrician jobs, trade jobs, mechanical engineering jobs, electrical engineering jobs, civil engineering jobs, interior designer jobs, interior design jobs, HVAC jobs, heating and air conditioning jobs, architecture jobs, architect jobs, plumbing jobs, civil engineer job, welder jobs , facility manager jobs, carpenter jobs, construction manager jobs, project management jobs, carpentry jobs, facility management jobs, facilities management jobs, roofing jobs, quantity surveyor jobs, estimator jobs, plumber jobs, environmental engineering jobs, and other specific roles or positions.

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