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I am a jobseeker looking to work within the construction and engineering industry. What types of operations or engineering jobs (e.g. - field engineer, cost engineer, operations manager, etc.), if any, would I qualify for with my degree in mechanical engineering, and the fact that I have worked in sales engineering or technical sales my 20 year career?

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Ultimately you need to find a role you love, whether in sales or engineering. Someone with your diverse background could do well in either, but ultimately you will find satisfaction in one more than the other, and that will be the one you ultimately do the best in.  Working a job just for the money will wear down even the most disciplined of us. 

There are roles usually called "Account Executives" for engineering firms and construction firms that place an individual in charge of a client or a market specialty where the individual oversees all aspects of work from inception, procurement, business development, and construction or project operations.  This role that would utilize both of your skills in sales, engineering and operations.  

Smaller firms also will be less segmented with job roles where an individual can cross into multiple areas of responsibility.  It is also common for an individual who is hired on to perform a specific task, and upon request can expand his or her role into other desired responsibilities. Rarely do job roles match with different firms. Each firm will tend to have a slightly different set of resonsibilities for any given job title.  
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I am also a construction sales professional with a technical degree and 10 years professional selling experience. I do have some Project Management and Estimating experience but very little.

I would like to move from sales into more of an operations role to gain operations experience to help me advance up the ranks to one day becoming a Division Manager or company officer. I heard in speaking to my superiors that I should consider moving into Preconstruction Services which involves sales experience and oversight of estimating, and sales. Added by:- Tom

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