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What is the job description of a Construction Materials and Paving Director?

The position would include profit responsibility for all operations for the firm, including:

a. Construction materials production
b. Construction and paving activities
c. Sales and marketing
d. Equipment operations

The position interacts with the following agencies: Highway, Local Town Boards, MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) OSHA, DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), EPA and needs to be understand their criteria and requirements.

The position will have direct reports and will work closely with the Company Controller and administrative staff.

The position reports to the President of the Company.

Hands on experience is critical, but not limited to field experience only.

A business or engineering degree is preferred to the growing demands of management in the construction materials and construction/ paving industry.

Ten years experience in the industry is required with at least five years in a higher level management role.

The candidate also need to be conversant with current software and technology options for the industries we operate in, and help drive a continuing effort to best utilize these opportunities.

The candidate needs to have a thorough understanding of accounting concepts and be comfortable with monthly and annual financial reporting.

The candidate, together with the CFO and president, will be responsible for the preparation of the annual business plan.