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What do Board of Directors earn?

According to a Pearl Meyer & Partners study of year 2000 proxies CEO compensation at the Top 200 major U.S. industrial and service companies averaged a record $11.3 million. On average, nearly 60% of CEO pay -- or $6.5 million - was in stock options, thus continuing a long term trend to pay senior construction managers as owners. Only 9% of CEO pay, or $1.0 million, was construction salary, with another nearly $2.1 million in annual incentives and $1.6 million in long term incentives and restricted stock. CEO total remuneration at the top 100 dotcoms averaged $6.1 million. Stock options were valued at $5.3 million1 and comprised 87% of CEO pay. Fully 96% of dot.com CEO compensation was at-risk pay, including stock options, annual bonus and long-term incentives.