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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions

What are the necessary steps during the registration or resignation?

Notice of resignation or termination from any position within the District shall be in writing. The resignation letter should give proper advanced notice and state the intended termination date. Vacation time is not considered part of the advance notice. When an employee changes status by transfer, resignation, retirement, or termination, the Supervisor shall complete the Employee Checkout Form. If district property or keys to district facilities are not returned, the district may take legal means to recover the cost of having to re-key the building or replace said property. The employee’s final paycheck will be issued the sooner of the next regular payday after the last day of work or within 10 days of separation (excluding holidays and weekends). Terminating employees are encouraged to participate in a confidential exit construction interview. The main purpose of such construction interviews will be to determine the causes for employee turnover and to be sure all district property has been returned. In addition, the exit construction interview is intended to help the terminating employee determine the status of his or her group insurance, social security and retirement benefits.