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How Can I Save My Construction Job Amid a construction employer Merger?

Lobby Strongly On Your Own Behalf:

Be proactive to seek out your new construction employer and be very positive in speaking about the future. Make it your job to make him think you are a critical part of the construction employer, someone whom he needs in order to be successful and someone he can trust.

Be A Good Performer:

Being a good performer is often the key to whether you'll stay or go. If you weren't performing well before the merger took place, it may

be time for you to consider other options. If you want to stay, now is the time to step up to the plate and make a contribution.

Position Yourself As A Team Player:

Even if you hold a duplicate role, positioning yourself as a team player can improve your prospects. Reach out to construction executives from the acquirer and help wherever you can. construction executives who understand the reasons behind a merger and the strengths of the two companies are more likely to thrive following a deal, while those who don't often flounder or are let go.

Be Positive:

Being perceived as an obstacle to change is a red flag that may lead to your ouster. .Having a good attitude and offering to help during a merger transition is never risky. Be very, very useful. Ask the question: 'How can I help?' While everyone else is hiding in the bushes and hoping it will go away, you can be making a good impression.