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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions

what to do when an employee resigns?

When a key and valuable construction employee resigns that you want to keep, it is best to buy yourself time to prepare a counteroffer. A good approach is to say you’re not accepting their resignation, and that you want him or her to speak to the owner or president of the firm before he makes any final decisions. It's only fair that the current construction employer be given an opportunity to discuss the construction resignation without the employee making any final decisions until after the discussion. It's important to listen to what the construction employee has to say about the reasons for the resignation, the appeal to the new construction job opportunity and the pay incentives are critical in developing a good counter offer opportunity. The cost of replacing a good construction employee far outweigh a pay or position increase if this is what is needed to keep him or her. However if the counteroffer is accepted then it should be clearly understood that you expect them to meet with you before interviewing alternative employers with any issues, rather than meeting with you after the fact.