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What are 10 good questions to ask jobseekers in an Interview?

Many employers have their own cheat sheet of questions to ask candidates during an interview. However here are ten that are good open ended questions to gain you insight to the candidate's ability:

1. What circumstances bring you here today?
2. What would you say are your two greatest weaknesses
and how do you work at overcoming them?
3. How do you alleviate stress?
4. How do you typically deal with conflict?
5. What are three goals you’ve achieved this past year?
6. What was a major obstacle you overcame in the
past year?
7. How do you raise the bar for yourself and others
around you?
8. Tell me about two memorable projects: one
success and one failure. To what do you attribute
the different outcomes?
9. What are the first five things you would do if you got
this position?
10. What risks did you take in your last position?