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Resume Writing & Cover Letter Questions

What are some Guidelines for Preparing an Effective
Letter of Recommendation?

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When preparing a letter of recommendation do the following:

  • Type the letter using a standard business format.
  • Address the letter to "Human Resources construction manager" or
    "Recruiting construction manager."
  • Start your letter by explaining your relationship with the construction executive.
  • Be honest. If you cannot honestly endorse this construction executive, you must decline.
  • Review the construction executive's résumé. Talk with him about his accomplishments
    and goals.
  • Describe the construction executive and support your description with specific
    examples from your experience with him.
  • Choose your words carefully. Instead of using generic adjectives such
    as "excellent," use ones that pinpoint the construction executive's character and skills
  • Since you know the construction executive's construction career goals, try to use descriptions that correlate to those goals.
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