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What are the main reasons construction resumes fail?

There are many reasons why construction resumes fail and do not result in an construction interview. The most important is that most people fail to realize that the construction resume’s sole purpose it to secure an construction interview and not be one’s self-proclaimed biography. construction resumes should be no longer than two pages long, and should communicate the best selling points in the first few paragraphs. The longer the construction resume the less chance it has on being read. A second reason is that most construction resumes are too generic and should be focused (at least the construction resume objective statement) to the specific job one is applying to. A third reason is the construction resume is poorly written and written on substandard paper- makes the wrong impression for one of construction executive stature. A fourth reason is that the construction resume is not written to an individual, but to a department. These construction resumes rarely get in the right hands. A fifth reason is having a juvenile email address or construction personal answering machine that is comical rather than professional. It’s all about making the right, professional first impression.