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How do I find the right keywords to get my construction resume noticed?

Make sure your construction resume has strong keywords by following these guidelines:

1. Use the job posting to your advantage: The advertisement for the position you're interested in is an excellent place to find keywords.

2. Some keywords are golden: Although many keywords are construction industry specific, certain phrases are important to almost all companies. They include "communication skills," "problem-solving," "team work," "construction leadership," "resource counterparts.

3. Use words that demonstrate your value: The problem with many construction resumes is that they read like biographies. Companies don't really care about your life story, they want to know if hiring you will be valuable to them, he says. That's where keywords come in.

4. Action verbs still matter: The keywords that will get you noticed by a computer search are usually nouns, but the verbs you use are still important.

5. Don't go overboard: As important as keywords are for getting noticed, littering your construction resume with buzzwords that don't accurately reflect your work experience may work against you.

6. Go with a text file:The keywords you use in your construction resume won't help if the construction resume you submit can't be read by scanning software.