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Resume Writing & Cover Letter Questions

Where can I learn how to write a good cover letter?

Cover letters are very important, and should be written as carefully and as purposefully as the construction resume itself. It’s important to write this letter to a specific individual whom you know something about. Contact the construction executive beforehand or at least do some research that shows you have done your homework and are interested enough to know what you are getting into with a construction resume submission. Your cover letter needs to indicate the position you are applying for and provide the key reasons that make you the right construction executive for hire. Here you can promote your "hot button" qualifications to the construction employer, such as skilled at dealing with clients and building winning teams. This is also a good place to include a construction personal note describing your golf hobby, or real estate development interests. The purpose is to establish a construction personal, human touch to the construction resume information. Try to end the cover letter with a direct request for a construction personal construction interview.