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Construction resumes- how long and whose property are they?

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Can I call someone whose construction resume I received from a construction recruiter last year? Each construction recruiter has his or her own terms and conditions as to what an construction employer can do with its construction resume. However the typical policy on construction resume referrals is one year from the date of submission or the date of last contact, which is through the construction recruiter.

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If a candidate applies directly to your ad or your company then they are subjecting themselves to your terms and conditions.

If a recruiter submits an unsolicited resume to your ad or your firm there is no obligation to pay a fee unless a fee schedule is submitted with the resume and you use that resume from the recruiter in a hire. The length of term on how long the resume is considered the recruiter's resume depends upon the fee schedule that was submitted with the resume. If there is no fee schedule then their is no implied contract- typically.

If an employer however acts on the resume according to an agreement of the terms in the fee schedule then the schedule regulates the terms. There is no statute on how long or short resume ownership can be, but any agreement based on a written fee schedule is subject to the schedule.

Now if the resume reaches an employer from another source other than the recruiter and the employer acts upon that resume based on an alternative source, then the agreement is with the other source not the recruiter- typically. The "but for" rule usually applies (i.e., but for the recruiter's effort the hire would not have taken place). Added by:- Holden Search Corporation

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