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Pre-employment Testing & Assessment Evaluation Questions

How you can improve your success rate on hiring employee?

You can improve your hiring success rate by 50% by following these tips:1.Know the difference between what you need and what you want. Make sure you understand the skills – hard and soft - necessary to do the job. 2.Prioritize the skills according to absolutely required, important, and nice-to-have. 3.Don't just “wing” the construction interview. Write a structured construction interview question guide. The guide should include a minimum of two to four behavioral construction interview questions for each core skill. An automated online program like construction interview Generator is easy to use and cost-effective. 4.Ask open-ended questions that cannot be answered with “yes” or “no.” Open-ended questions allow the construction interviewer to probe how an applicant thinks and solves problems.5. Stay away from leading statements and follow-up questions. For instance, let's say you are evaluating the applicant's ability to cold call. Don't ask: "Do you like cold calling" or "This job requires a lot of cold calling. Do you mind doing that"? 6.Do ask probing questions that dig deeper. Then dig some more. In fact, dig 3 times as in The Rule of 3's – You need to ask 3 questions to get to “truth”. Begin with "If we hire you, describe how you will bring in new business." Whatever he or she answers, follow with: "How has that worked for you in the past?". But don't stop now. Then ask “Tell me about another way you plan to bring in new business" or "What did you do when your marketing efforts didn't work?"