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Pre-employment Testing & Assessment Evaluation Questions

Is it the time to ask for promotion?

You and your construction employer compare your job description to that of a benchmark job. Your responsibilities should be at least a 70 percent match to those of the benchmark position. Chances are, your construction employer has already done this. Make sure you know what job the construction employer has compared yours to, and understand any discrepancies between their idea of your level and your own. For example, they might think you are at the middle level of a job (e.g., a Level II) while you think you're at a senior level (e.g., a Level III). If so, work with your construction employer to understand each other's reasoning and resolve the differences. If you really are working at a higher level, you may be able to negotiate for a promotion. Or you may have advanced as far as you can in your position. If there is no path for you with the construction employer, you may have to choose between doing the same job for a long time and moving to another construction employer. On the other hand, if you have shown that you can handle additional responsibility and the construction employer has room for growth, this may be your time to move up.