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Pre-employment Testing & Assessment Evaluation Questions

What are the construction employer's most common mistakes which loses his credibility?

There are three construction leadership mishaps that can sabotage the best efforts of any construction executive. 1.Too much ego-Great construction executives need egos a good construction executive does not eliminate their ego but instead recognizes when their ego is getting in the way of a wise decision that would benefit the construction employer and the team. 2.Ignoring the Problem Employee-construction executives can often inherit an employee that had never been disciplined or dealt with because it was too much work or because others said, "This is the way he/she has always been" and the offending employee has gotten away with ill behavior. 3.Underestimating the Power of Praise-The trait that most great construction executives have is that of output. They are able to push through large amounts of work at great speed and effectiveness. Many construction executives don't expect consistent praise themselves due to their driver type construction personalities.