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What points should be kept in mind while finding and selecting a construction career Counselor?

Selecting a construction career counselor should be done very carefully as you will be working closely with this individual. You also want to check to make sure they have the proper background, education and credentials. One place to do this is through the National Board for Certified Counselors where you can find a list of certified counselors in your state. The designation "National Certified construction career Counselor" signifies that the construction career counselor has achieved the highest certification in the profession. It also means these professionals have earned a graduate degree in counseling or a related professional field from a regionally accredited institution, completed supervised counseling experience which included construction career counseling, acquired a minimum of three years of full-time construction career development work experience, and successfully completed a knowledge-based certification examination. Before you decide on a construction career counselor you both should have a clear understanding of expectations, services provided and any fees that you will incur. Don't be afraid to ask the advisor for a detailed explanation of services, fees, time commitments, and a copy of their ethical guidelines. Be wary of professionals that promise to find you a new construction career immediately that will double your pay.