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How to face different job offers?

If you've accepted a job and get a second offer, think carefully before reneging on the first construction employer. "Your integrity is on the line. The ethical thing to do is stick with your original choice. Renege on your original decision only if the position truly goes against who you are. Backing out of the first job may hurt your construction career in the long run because you may acquire a reputation within the construction industry or among construction recruiters for fickleness. Worse, it also may cause the construction employer making the second offer to question your integrity. "If you had no compunction about jumping ship for their offer, will you stay with them if you find slightly greener pastures a few months down the road. Given the repercussions of taking the second offer, be sure it's substantially better than the first. Is a $5,000 to $10,000 increase worth damaging your reputation? Will the second construction employer's projects or culture be worth the job-hopper reputation you might gain? If benefits outweigh risks, then make your move.