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Pre-employment Testing & Assessment Evaluation Questions

How an construction employer can know the basic need of their employee to get hold of them?

1.Top talent want to work for the top companies -so the construction employer needs to be working towards being the best, brand recognition and having excellent employee systems in place.

2.Build it and they will come-To attract top talent you need to be able to show the vision of where you are taking the construction employer and offer the opportunity for the talent to be part of building the new dream.

3. Recognize and reward over and over again-The most important element for top performers is having challenging work, the second is having an open and honest work environment, third is recognition for work and fourth is money.

4.Don't take them for granted-Do not underestimate the value of providing ongoing learning opportunities, reimbursement for college or university and giving them challenging projects where they can be stimulated and challenged.

5.Know what there enemy does-Be on top of your competitor's practices around attraction and retention of top performers. Don't get blindsided by a top performer coming to you to tell you what they have been offered.