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Pre-employment Testing & Assessment Evaluation Questions

What to Look for Before Accepting New Construction Job?

Before accepting the offer, there are a few things you should check. Always make sure you get the offer in writing. Within the offer should be your obligations in the position along with the title, the construction salary and benefits you'll be receiving, holiday and vacation time you're allowed, as well as any yearly (or six month) reviews that will be given. All of the components of the letter should coincide with what your expectations are and if they aren't, don't feel shy about sending it back with what you'd like to see. When looking over the offer letter, make sure you understand what your job responsibilities are and how the department fits into the construction employer. Much of this information should be taken care of in the construction interviewing process. You can ask for a written job description as well. During this time, you should be having heart-to-hearts with yourself to make sure the items you'd be responsible for are something you want to do, and are capable of doing.