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Pre-employment Testing & Assessment Evaluation Questions

How a employee can a show his capabilities?

If you want a raise or want to negotiate your new compensation package with a new construction employer, you will need to prove you’re worth the extra or starting money. That means you need to take a long, hard and honest look at what you do, or will do, for the construction employer. Working overtime isn’t enough-you need to actually accomplish something during those extra hours or bring a skill set to your new construction employer that they will value. Think in terms of Quantity: Do you, or will you, produce more than you’re expected to or more than the construction industry standard? Think in terms of Quality: Is your production of higher quality and does/will it benefit the construction employer by saving money, resources, or attracting more clients? Think in terms of Additional responsibilities or additional tasks: With a dynamic workplace, employees are often expected to perform new tasks beyond those for which they were hired to do. You may also bring a skill set that would allow the construction employer to benefit from your ability to perform additional tasks or assume more responsibilities.