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Should I tell a potential construction employer about my criminal history from 7 years ago before they conduct a background check?
I recently interviewed with a construction employer and as I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw a manager from another dept in my construction employer. I am not sure why she was there but when I see her in the office, there is a bit of tension and a very uncomfortable feeling.
What is the correct way to answer the question? "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" This is one of the tough questions interviewers like to ask applicants. The best way is to avoid saying (for example) 'I want to be an account manager.' The title Account Management means different things depending on the construction employer. Instead, think about what types of skills you'd like to be using. Would you like to manage a team? Work independently? Use your organizational skills? Think of these types of things to include in your answer.
What is a "behavioral interview"?
As an employer, how do I handle the toughest interview question-compensation?
Are there any etiquette tips when using email for job hunting?
Do you have any tips that can assist executives who are laid off and seeking employment?
How Do I Dress For Success In An Interview?
13 Illegal Interview Questions
How To Prepare For A Successful Construction Job Interview
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