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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions : ANSWER RESUMES

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Is there any recourse for a construction employee who gets terminated and asked to leave that same day without any severance or transition pay or insurance assistance?
this is second editewd question.
Can an employee rescind a resignation?
How to conduct an effective exit interview?
If an employee who is pregnant is chronically absent, is there grounds for dismissal?
What are grounds for dismissal?
How to resign in style?
Should an construction employer break the news of a termination to co-workers?
What are the cons of a resignation counter offer?
How to terminate legally?
What to do when a great employee resigns?
How to resign and avoid a non compete?
Can I be replaced while on jury duty?
How can I avoid the counter-offer when resigning?
How should you handle quitting when you are forced to resign?
Am I entitled to pay if I'm told to leave before resignation?
Should I disclose my new construction employer when resigning?
When is the best time to discuss a severance package?
Ideas for making sure all the bases are covered prior to termination?
Must construction employers protect themselves from lawsuits when terminating an employee?
Do most construction employers make the last two weeks post resignation difficult?
What grounds does the construction employer have regarding termination?
Should I be angry when laid off if I could be rehired later?
What are the rules for a written or verbal resignation?
What is the best time and place when terminating?
When is the best time to extend a counter offer?
How to present the resignation letter to your construction employer?
How can I make the most of Outplacement?
When an employee termination is necessary?
What are the legitimate business reasons for employment termination?
What is the right way to fire someone?
what to do when an employee resigns?
What Are Some Red Flags That Signal It's Time For Me To Quit My Construction Job?
How to Handle Counteroffers?
Am I legally entitled to continued health insurance after resignation?
Have you ever been asked to resign?
I'm considering changing construction careers. How do I find out about options I might not have considered?
I can see the writing on the wall, and I need to change jobs now. How can I make my job change or construction career change quickly?
How Can I Save My Construction Job Amid a construction employer Merger?
How can I leave my current job gracefully?
How long does it take for a construction employer to issue a last paycheck?
What are the necessary steps during the registration or resignation?
How to perform Immediate Employment Termination for Cause?
What are the tips To resign from an construction employer?
Firing: How do I know when to let them go?
What are necessary actions before the termination of any employee?
Must I leave when I give a two weeks notice but am told to leave immediately?
How should I prepare my Resignation speech?
In What circumstances an employee should be terminated?
What Is Firing?
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