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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions : ANSWER RESUMES

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Is it necessary to think like a business when quitting your job?
Who is most at risk following a construction employer Merger?
Can I get laid off during rehabilitation?
What is Wrongful Termination?
Can you really get fired for not following your companies E-mail policy?
What if I wasn't aware of my construction employers E-mail policy?
How to break the resignation news to your construction employer?
Why to be prepared for resistance?
What are the three main components that, Your resignation letter should contain?
Should I try to negotiate a better severance package?
What should I do after getting fired?
How should I respond to those who ask why I left my last position?
How can I keep my spirits up after getting fired?
Should I tell my construction employer the real reason of my resignation?
How can a termination become a win-win situation?
How can I improve self-esteem to lower attrition rates?
The union in my manufacturing construction employer has made it incredibly hard to terminate workers. Do I have any options?
What legal obligations does my construction employer have if an employee gets into an accident while driving a rental car on the job?
How can I make firing someone easier?
Are layoffs the answer to a better financial statement?
Are construction employers likely to fire a cubicle worker if he displays lack of initiative to find extra work if he doesn't have anything else to work on?
I am in the process of resigning from the construction employer that I am working for to start my own business. I have heard that I can keep my health insurance but what do I have to do to maintain the policy.
My position was terminated with the construction employer that I work for about 10 days ago. I am still waiting for my final paycheck. I called the construction employer but I have not gotten any response. I owe them nothing and was wondering can they do this?
Recently, I gave my construction employer my resignation and two weeks time. The last 4 days have been hell. I am being treated rather coldly and much like an outcast. Can I pretend sick or ask for vacation time in lieu of my two weeks? I am not sure how much of       this I can take.
I need some advice as how to resign without leaving the door open for counter or negotiations. I do not wish to pursue a career with my current construction employer. My decision is final and I want to move on.
In the heat of the moment, I gave my construction employer my resignation. After careful consideration, I would like to take it back. What advice can you give me?
What to know about pre-employment testing?
Can you give me some advice on resigning with style, and professionalism.
Given a shot at a better position with the same salary, my current construction employer has countered. I have been adviced NOT to take the offer by friends and family. I am a little confused as to why they would suggest this. What are your thoughts?
I received a GREAT offer from a GREAT construction employer! Now, I have to face my boss and resign. What is the best time and place to handle this?
What is the best way to leave my construction employer?
I am planning to resign from my current construction employer on Monday. My new construction employer is not competition but I do have a non compete clause in my contract. Should I bring this up in my resignation meeting or should I wait for my construction employer to address it?
I recently submitted a two-week resignation letter to my construction employer and I was told to leave my position immediately. Does this mean I was fired?
In my exit interview as well as my resignation meeting, I was being pushed and pressured to give the name of my new construction employer. I do not wish to disclose this information. What's the deal?
When is the best time and worst time to resign from your job?
What can I do if the information on my background check is inaccurate?
How can I get a copy of my background check?
I am a long-term employee. Can an employer now do a background check?
What can my former employer say about me?
Is it legal to fire someone based on information in a background check?
Will my conviction from more than 7 years ago show up on a background check?
Can an employer check my credit as a condition of employment?
What can I do if I was denied employment because of a background check?
I recently accepted a new job with an excellent construction employer. My letter of resignation provided 10 days notice. Following my letter's acceptance, my former boss permitted me to end my employment one day early with pay (because the 10th day would have been a holiday). After day six of my final 9 days, I was told my position was officially terminated. Again I was promised pay for those final 10 days. My final check, however, did not include any of the promised "paid" days. Legally, what can I do to get what I deserve?
As I fully expected, I was faced with the typical questions- SO why are you leaving? I have worked for my present construction employer about 7 years and am leaving for a better offer. I don't really want to tell my co-workers this nor do I want my construction employer to use this as leverage to begin negotiating a counter. What to say?
What should a CEO do with a Poorly Performing Executive?
What Are Some Tips for Executives When They Want To Resign?
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