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Details of Rick


Managing Director

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Industry Category: Real Estate Developers- Managers
Relocation Preferences: flexible
Personal Website Link:: http://www.archinomics.com
International Consulting

Rick'S Overview

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Managing Partner, The Archinomics Group


Executive, Management and Strategy Consulting on project feasibility and formation to international entities, whose objectives include North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond.


Thirty-two-year expertise advising national and international clients, on feasibility, consulting, real estate portfolio, development and complex project strategy expertise. Knowledgeable on sixty (60) countries, previously active in thirty (30), valid clients from twenty (20).  Current international cross-border investment network.
PROJECTS:          20% Retail, 20% Housing, 15% Office, 15% Industrial, 15% Exhibition, 10% Technology, 5% Airports
CLIENTS:          30% Investors, 30% Services, 15% Manufacturing, 15% Governments, 10% Not-for-Profits
LOCATIONS:          45% North America, 45% Europe, 6% South America, 3% Asia, 1% Africa


The Archinomics Group, Inc. (an international management consulting affiliation) Winnetka, IL, USA
Principal, Senior International Project Management Executive March 2006 – Present; 1993–2004, 1987-1990
Project profit responsibility; professional team selection and management; procurement strategies and negotiations; cost and schedule strategy and control; problem forensics.


  • Omnipor (Morocco)–Investment and strategy advisement for a 60,000 new technology city near Fez.
  • Design Firm (Chicago, 2006)–Acting COO, created profitable structure, complemented design quality.
  • Affordable Coop (Chicago, 2006) – Advising ownership on market, project, and financial feasibility of 260-unit US$ 30 million renovation and ownership structural transition.
  • Metsahalitus (Finland)–Formulated a private conservation reserve funding strategy for properties in southern Chile, Argentina, northern Finland, the Adriatic Sea Dalmatian coast, and Turkey.
  • BP Poland (Poland)–Advised BP Poland on the disposition of 60 excess properties valued at US$22M. Defined strategy clusters, identified appropriate international investment partners. Met fiscal targets.
  • Praedium (Portugal)–Portugal’s largest shopping center developer (Sonae) exploring large multi-family residential as a new sector. Provided market-oriented development strategies on twenty sites, and conceptual development on six projects – two high-rise -- now completed, valued at US$200M.
  • Insurance Slovakia (Slovakia)–Advised state insurance conglomerate on privatization of 12 hotels and 2 ski resorts valued at US$260M. Defined development strategy, identified appropriate investment partners.


  • Global Edge (Russia)–Profitably completed US$35M design-build bank headquarters and conference center for a high-growth private Russian bank in Tver, Russia. Assumed project executive and P/L responsibility for 275,000-square-foot design-build project, completed profitably at US$120/square foot.
  • Sonae Immobiliaria (Portugal)–Provided steel frame construction management expertise on two 32-story residential towers in Lisbon for Portugal’s largest real estate investor and developer.
  • Groenwoudt (The Netherlands)–Provided project management strategy and partnership assessment for a US$ 100 million golf-resort investment resort property. Restructured product-mix, improved sales and long-term profitability for Dutch investor. Implemented schedule and cost control management systems.
  • Metsahalitus (Finland)–Assisted Finnish National Forest Service in planning a new eco-tourism project above the Arctic Circle.
  • VRI (The Netherlands), Assisted Dutch resort developer in positioning a 400 hectare seafront resort on Curaçao, Dutch Antilles.
  • Group DEFI (Belgium)–Successfully redefined and provided development strategy for a US$75M mixed-use 55,000-square meter retail-office project development in Prague, Czech Republic, for a Belgian telecom company operating internationally.
  • Santander (Chile)–Provided assessment and market strategy to redevelop an underperforming asset of this Spanish bank subsidiary.
  • Posada Development (San Salvador, El Salvador)–Completed the development strategy for a financial services office complex in San Salvador, El Salvador.


  • Wolters Kluwer (The Netherlands)–Provided executive education on successful project management organizations to this global professional print conglomerate.
  • Old Mutual (South Africa)–Provided executive education assisting this South African insurance company in privatizing its real estate services and development group.
  • Praedium (Portugal)–Provided in-house executive education on market-oriented development management to this multi-family residential developer.

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Managing Partner, The Archinomics Group


CCS/OS (a construction-technology practice) Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Director of Marketing and Strategic Alliances 2004 – March 2006
  • Grew this 40-person practice over 2-year period, 20-plus% per annum, maintaining 15-plus% profitability.
  • Managed tax-credit finance team for three public housing authority renovations valued at US$75M.
  • Implemented customer-relationship-management (CRM) system to coordinate nationwide sales force.
  • Established successful MBE and WBE alliances for multi-project public-private involvement.
ECE Project Management International (Otto Group investment subsidiary) Hamburg, Germany
Vice President–International Relations, Retail & Commercial Projects 1990–1993
  • Developed an international expansion strategy for Germany’s largest shopping center owner/developer, resulting in shopping center and mixed-use projects in Poland, Hungary, and The Czech Republic.
  • Successfully pursued several property restitution issues for strategic locales in Germany’s five new states, forming joint ventures with ECE, Deutsche Bank, and the historic property owners.
  • Negotiated the land restitution joint venture between Equitable Life Insurance (US) and a German fund creating the full-block retail-office complex in the Friedrichstrasse retail district of former East Berlin.
The Archinomics Group, Inc. (a project management consulting firm) Winnetka, IL
Principal, Senior National Project Management Executive 1987–1990
The Balcor Company (an American Express real estate investment subsidiary) Skokie, IL
Vice President–Operations, Balcor Development Company 1987
Vice President–Manager, Investment Research Group 1986–87
  • Consolidated 65 professionals in three cost centers; transitioned to revenue center as US$1B annual national investment due-diligence practice. Marketed through American Express family and externally.
Metropolitan Fair and Exposition Authority (governing body of McCormick Place) Chicago, IL
Assistant General Manager, Expansion and Development 1984–86
  • Lead construction executive for the publicly-bid US$160M fast-track construction of a 1.5M square-foot convention center executed over live rail across a 31-acre site.
Lester B. Knight & Associates, Inc. (an ACME management consulting firm) Chicago, IL
Managing Associate, General Management Consulting Group 1981–84
Project Manager / Internal Consultant, Project Management Division 1979–80
  • Completed feasibility, 31-acre land acquisition, legislative approval, US$160M public funding for a 1.5M square-foot doubling of Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center.
  • Evaluated competitive business traveler market. Conceived macro-development strategy for United Airlines at Chicago O’Hare Airport; kept the “pole” terminal position, maximized curb-close gates.
Facilities Planning and Construction, University of Washington Seattle, WA
Project Manager, Procurement Management 1976–77
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Zurich, Switzerland
Church Representative, Voluntary full-time service 1973–75
Master of Architecture (Project Management) 1979
Master of Business Administration (Marketing, Economics) 1979
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design      1977
Bachelor of Arts General Interdisciplinary Studies (With Distinction)      1976
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Language Proficiency: German [fluent written/spoken], five years in country (DE, CH); French [passable]
Interests: Cycling, travel (38 countries), swimming, golf, skiing, hiking, technology, research, and genealogy. Also community boards, volunteer service, coaching, and mentoring.

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Managing Partner, The Archinomics Group, Inc.


Executive, Management and Strategy Consulting on project feasibility and formation, to international entities, whose objectives include North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and beyond.


Thirty-two-years executive consulting to national and international clients, feasibility, consulting, real estate portfolio, development and complex project strategy expertise. Knowledgeable on sixty (60) countries, previously active in thirty (30), cross-border clients successes in twenty (20).  Current international network.
PROJECTS:       20% Retail, 20% Housing, 15% Office, 15% Industrial, 15% Exhibition, 10% Technology, 5% Airports
CLIENTS:       30% Investors, 30% Services, 15% Manufacturing, 15% Governments, 10% Not-for-Profits
LOCATIONS:       35% North America, 35% Europe, 15% South America, 5% Asia, 5% Africa, 5% Middle East


1980 – Swedish Technology Association – Inbound US market entrance strategy
1982 – Engineering firm – Syska & Hennessey – International expansion strategy (offer)
1982 – Design firm – MBE – National expansion strategy
1987 – Investment Research Group – National for-profit launch
1988 – Convention Center - Cobo (Detroit) – International expansion strategy
1988 – Real Estate Investment Fund (Canadian) - Inbound US market entrance strategy
1990 – Architectural firm – TRA - (Seattle) - National expansion strategy (offer)
1990 – Contractor – Kajima (Chicago) - Inbound US market entrance strategy (offer)
1990 – Contractor – Gilbane (Chicago) – National expansion strategy (offer)
1990 – 1992 – German Developer / Investor – European expansion strategy
1992 – American Exporter – Russian market entrance strategy
1995 – 1998 – Portuguese Multifamily Developer – National entity launch in Portugal
2004 – 2006 – Building Technologies Service Provider (OS/CCS) – National expansion strategy
2006 – Design firm – Chinese market entrance strategy
2010 – Advocate Health Care – Latin American expansion strategy
1980 – Research Parks – State of Illinois - National for-profit launch
1981 – Convention Center - McCormick (Chicago) – International expansion strategy
1983 – Brewery – International adaptive re-use investment
1982 – Airport Terminal (ORD) – United Airlines – International best-of-market strategy
1989 - Convention Center - PNE (Vancouver, BC) – International expansion strategy
1993 – Bank – Tver Universal Bank (Tver, Russia) – International best-of-market construction strategy
1994 – Mixed-Use Group DEFI (Prague, Czech Republic) – International project strategy
2000 – High-rise Residential (Sonae) (Lisbon Portugal) - International project strategy
2002 – Bank – (San Salvador, El Salvador) - International best-of-market strategy
2001 – 2004 – Resort – (Artic Circle, Finland) - International expansion strategy
2007 – Master planned community (Santiago, Chile) – International investor strategy
2010 – Advocate Health Care (Chicago, IL, USA) – earthquake replacement hospitals Chile


  1. MIPIM (Cannes, France) from 1992 – 2011 attending, thirteen (13) years through 2008 as exhibitor
  2. EXPO REAL (Munich, Germany) 2006 - 2011
  3. ULI South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  4. ICSC Europe (Cannes, France) 1991 attendee, 1999 presenter
  5. BUDMA (Poland) 2004, 2005 attendee
  6. CORENET GLOBAL (Toronto, Canada) 1986, 2005 attendee

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Managing Partner, The Archinomics Group, Inc.

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS (for-profit relationships, 1987 - 2011)
  1. Prima Civitas Global (East Lansing, MI, USA)
  2. Advocate Health Care (Chicago, IL, USA; Santiago, Chile; Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  3. British Petroleum (BP) (Krakow, Poland)
  4. BCED (Toronto, Canada)
  5. Otto Group  - (Hamburg, Germany)
  6. Chilean Construction Council (Santiago, Chile)
  7. ECE (international developers / investors) (Hamburg, Germany)
  8. Global Edge (Moscow, Russia)
  9. Groenwoudt (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  10. Group DEFI (Brussels, Belgium; Prague, Czech Republic)
  11. Macobouw (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  12. Metsahalitus (Helsinki, Finland)
  13. Old Mutual (Cape Town, South Africa)
  14. PNE (Vancouver, Canada)
  15. Posada Development (San Salvador, El Salvador)
  16. Praedium (Oporto, Portugal)
  17. Santander Bank (Santiago, Chile)
  18. Sonae (Oporto, Portugal)
  19. Slovenka Postnova (Bratislava, Slovakia)
  20. ULI South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  21. VRI (The Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles)
  22. Wolters Kluwer (The Netherlands)
INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCES (exchange-based relationships, 1987 - 2011)
  1. Atelier d’Art Urbain (architects) (Brussels, Belgium)
  2. Art For Business (art, marketing) (London, England)
  3. Bates (project management) (Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia)
  4. Buildings & Data (project information, relationship marketing) (Brussels, Belgium)
  5. Chris Blanford Associates (international planning) (London, England)
  6. CLI (real estate investment, new urbanism) (Brussels, Belgium)
  7. Delap & Waller (international MEP) (Dublin, Ireland)
  8. ENEA (industrial park) (Santiago, Chile)
  9. Architectural Synectics International (Dary, Northern Ireland)
  10. Finale (international project marketing) (Philadelphia, PA)
  11. Harza International (international engineering) (Chicago, IL)
  12. Macobouw (international resort & housing developers) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  13. New Voodoo (international marketers) (Santa Monica, CA; Boson, MA)
  14. Perspective (art, marketing) (London, England)
  15. Roi & Associates (architecture, planning) (Santiago, Chile)
  16. Vizzion (international developers / investors) (Brussels, Belgium)
  17. Winston Associates (planning) (Boulder, CO)


  • 9,500 viable international contacts from 50 countries
  • Of which 1,000 previous face-to-face and current on-going discussions
  • 28,500 total contact database (world-wide)

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