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Details of Ward


Project Manager

Denver, United States
Industry Category: Engineers
Relocation Preferences: CO
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Attention Human Resources,

Results driven and enthusiastic Project Manager looking for a Project Manager position to enhance skills and build career. My experience is at a highly regulated Department of Energy (DOE) Battelle contracted National Laboratory in Idaho. The reason I am in the job market is because after living in Idaho Falls, ID for last 9 years, I have made a choice to move close to family. I have summarized my qualifications for your viewing.

- 9 years of experience as a Project Manager.

- Managed and supported cradle-to-grave projects that involve Energy and Energy Efficiency, Chemical Processing, and Material Characterization which include, but not limited to:

Solar For Schools
-Manage, build, and operate an array of 6 170 watt PV modules at a local Idaho school.
-Over a year, it will produce more than 1,000 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy.
-Project budget of $450K

Wind For Schools
-Manage, build, and operate three 2.4kW Skystream wind turbines at local Idaho schools.
-Project budget of $2.5 million over 3 years.

- Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from University of Arkansas in 2002.

- Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Idaho in 2007.

I would welcome the opportunity to prove my ability and work hard, be humble ethics. I am a self-starter who doesn't require his "hand to be held" to complete a job/project.

I believe my best attribute I can offer is my ability to think outside the box. I am accountable, take pride in my work, complete tasks with minimal supervision, and keep an on-time schedule.

Thanks for your time!
Brad Ward

Ward'S Overview


Bradley Ward

Project Manager

567 S. Fairfax St, Glendale CO 80246

Telephone:  (303) 522-8487      email: 





loyal, proficient and verifiably productive Project Manager who consistently
exceed expectations for meeting or exceeding aggressive goals in
high-accountability and time-sensitive environments.  Extremely successful when acquiring diverse
projects outside area of expertise and learning new disciplines to finish goals.  Often characterized as competitive,
energetic, optimistic, positive, trustworthy, and outgoing with an infectious
sense of humor, a remarkable ability to multitask, and the communication and
interpersonal skills required to create a work environment that is affirming to
the employees and profitable for the company. 





                             9 years of Project Management                 Safeguard & Security Supervisor                                                            Primavera P6 and MS Project                       DOE/DOD/DOT Regulations

                             Laboratory Scale Product Development        Capital Costs, Baselines, and Controls

                             Problem Solving

Test/Operating Plans/Procedures                  

                             Process/Energy Simulation Software            Training and Team Building

                             Air Quality Dispersion Modeling                    Patent Development

                             Off-Gas Measurements and Controls         Presentation/Public Speaking

    Waste and Water Management                    Business Research and Development

                             Permitting, Auditing, and Compliance        Scoping,
Managing, and Scheduling

                            Material Characterization                            PFD and P&ID Development




Battelle (Idaho National Lab); Idaho Falls, Idaho                   05/02  01/11

R&D Project
Manager in research projects and research groups.  Managed and supported cradle-to-grave projects
which include, but not limited to:  Renewable
Energy Engineering, Chemical Processing, and Material Characterization.


Leadership and Management Success:


Solar For Schools

build, and operate an array of 6 170 watt PV modules at a local Idaho school.

a year, it will produce more than 1,000 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable

budget of $4

Wind For Schools

build, and operate three 2.4kW Skystream wind turbines at local Idaho schools.

  Support educational
outreach and promote knowledge of renewable energy resources by allowing
students to observe and analyze energy production under varying weather

Project budget of $2.5 million over 3 years.

      New Horizons Pluto Mission Manager

  Supervise 12 Full-Time
Technicians to design, procure, build, clean, document, maintain, calibrate,
and test tooling hardware and tools used to build Radioisotope
Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) in compliance with NASA policies.

a departmental annual budget of $1.5 million.

strict compliance to NASA policies in material procurement, testing and
calibration, and life cycle documentation of tools.

      Department of
Energy Safeguard and Security Manager

  Supervise five
Environmental, Health, and Safety(EH&S) auditors that track the inventory,
recovery, disposal,, shipping, and storage of special nuclear materials (SNM)
at INL

  Maintain a
departmental annual budget of $350K

  Conducted audits of
recovery practices, transportation, and storage of SNM from DOE reprocessing



Bradley Ward



New Waste Calcining Facility (NWCF) MACT Upgrade

build, and test pilot plant calciners to test various chemical flow sheets and
validate radiological waste disposition solutions and pollution control

  Tested feasibility of
MACT off-gas equipment including: electro static
precipitators, flue gas desulfurization systems, NOx/SOx reduction
systems, carbon beds, particulate cyclones, and fabric filters.

contributor to the design of the New Waste Calcining Facility (NWCF) off gas
system at INL.

Project budget of $1.4 million.

Synroc Fluidized Bed Mockup

build, and test the conversion of liquid radiopharmaceutical waste surrogates
into suitable solid reactants for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology
Organisation (ANSTO)

de-nitration, volatilization of the pollution control equipment in a reduced
environment (H2-N2)

budget of $900K                                                                                                                 

results that met or exceeded expectations

material release permits (NPDES), environmental impact designs (EA, EIS, APAD)
for various research and development projects. 

R&D DOE-end product conceptual engineering/design reports and pr
along with standard operating and validation protocol, QA/QC, and EH&S procedures. 

Develop solutions that characterize
chemical processes that
provide detailed analysis and advanced state-of-the-art
computer modeling capabilities to evaluate behaviors, such as chemical reaction
and material release.

v  Recognized
for superior performance with the Work of
Excellence Award
(2003, 2006, 2007)

v  Recognized
by DOD for superior support as a member of the New Horizons Pluto Mission (2007)

v  Successfully manage
multiple complex projects with conflicting deadlines

v  Consistently achieve
aggressive, weekly, self-scheduled goals

v  Communicate
frequently with customer base to help drive results and process improvements

v  Published in Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Life cycle assessment
of ISPRA Mark 9 thermochemical cycle for nuclear hydrogen production

v  Published in Waste
, "Synroc Process for Uranium Rich Waste from 99-Mo

v  Constantly
ranked as a Top Performer by Customer
Reviews (2002-2010)



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